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Published:October 12th, 2011 12:31 EST
Big Beautiful Women Revered in Africa

Big Beautiful Women Revered in Africa

By Sophie Akinyi

Africa is a continent whose women are characterized by endowed curves. This is quite something especially when it comes to marriage as an endowed woman is perceived as fertile and fit to serve the role of a wife. Not every woman though is lucky to posses these traits; some are naturally born slim. This makes it tough for them to live in this society where being slim is considered imperfect/unhealthy.

Even though there is a global obsession with losing weight, majority of Kenyan men prefer their women endowed. This is evident in upcoming local music where `big` women are often praised about their `assets`. This to a greater degree leaves underweight women with a feeling that they are being ignored. The situation is also worsened by the fact that there are several articles on how to lose weight instead of the vice-versa.

Trim women always have insecurity issues when it comes to their weight. Some self confessed ones have revealed previous suffering from depression as a result of this. Many a times they are teased that they look like boys since they don`t have `enough` feminine features. Some guys and even fellow women have also told them that they look like teenagers.

Since it`s hard and almost impossible to live in isolation, slimmer women battle to fit in the society too. This is without a fight as some of them go through so much just to prove their worth. When someone is desperate for something, they are always all ears to whatever advice is given to them. This is not an exception when it comes to these women. They are always out to look for even the slightest piece of advice that might make them a pound heavier.

The pieces of advice they are always given leaves a lot to be desired. They include: drinking alcohol, getting kids, eating a lot of junk food and having unprotected s(e)x regularly among other crazy stuff. Some of these methods aimed at adding mass are unhealthy as they might lead to health problems.

So, what happens when someone has done everything but there is nothing to show for? Slim women have devised creative ways that keep them shinning too.

These include:

  • -Regular visits to nutritionists who advise them on healthy diet and the foods they should take in plenty.
  • -Hanging with people who are a positive influence to their lives. This includes shunning negative comments that come from `haters`.
  • -Working on their self esteem by positively looking at life and whatever is happening around them.
  • -Getting in touch with their feminine side: putting on feminine clothes that are perfectly fitting, visiting the salon among other women related matter.
  • -Wearing of hip and bottom enhancers. This is a tricky one though as it makes the wearer look what she is not. Even though she might manage to get attention, she is always afraid of what might happen when the truth comes out.

Do not get yourself worked up because of your weight. Everyone is different and so are their tastes, there is definitely one person meant for you!