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Published:October 12th, 2011 16:02 EST
Radio Waves Used as Weapons: What an Eye Opener!

Radio Waves Used as Weapons: What an Eye Opener!

By SOP newswire2

When I worked in the diesel generator business, I worked with a lot of communications companies all across Canada. Bell Canada was a big one I did a lot of work with. They have "standby diesel generators" at their central offices and all their repeater stations. 

A lot of "national security" concerns within these systems. I worked on a fairly large "fibre optics" project in 1996 into 1997 when I was poisoned for the first time in 1997 People within these systems have more than enough resources to make you "sick" if you ......"step on the wrong toes."

Lots of surplus "microwave generators." and "radio equipment." All with "no forensic evidence." It just takes one "idiot" to put something together who does not like you. There may be a union / non union theme to my problems. I worked at a non union company, Harper Detroit Diesel. 

I had no idea about "radio waves as weapons" until 2005, ......8 years after I initially was attacked I started my research project in January 2004 on the internet with the keywords "constructive dismissal" in relation to my own problems at Harper Detroit Diesel. 

I am not sure about ......"microwave mind control", seems to be a lot of articles on the internet about this topic. It does look like more and more people worldwide are looking at ......"radio waves as weapons". 

I think maybe that`s because there is now so much "radio equipment around the world with the advancements in  communications." The problem with all these types of systems is the technology falls into the wrong hands. There are some real horror stories from people worldwide about this topic on the internet.

What an eye opener!

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Gerry Duffett,,

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Radio Waves used as Weapons

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