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Published:October 13th, 2011 15:29 EST
Is the Military`s HAARP Project Being Used for More Than Just Research?

Is the Military`s HAARP Project Being Used for More Than Just Research?

By Ron G Anselm

One of the many projects that the military has going is now suddenly being looked at as to what it is really being used for. The projects name is HAARP or (High-Frequency Active Aurora Research) The main site of the project is located in the remote forest of the icy and snowy caps in the Alaskan tundra. This is normally where most of the Top Secret projects the military has going on behind the scenes at any one time in remote locations in the middle of nowhere.

This doesn`t sound like your normal military research project where you see guard shacks housing one of the Military MP`s or (Military Police) or some wanna be cop playing guard and stopping every car that tries to enter the facility or base and asking them to see their military I.D., no this is a project located somewhere off of mile marker eleven off of one of Alaska`s lonely highways known as the Glenn Highway.

The project site looks more like something off the old show Prison Break where you saw every building on the show surrounded by thick barbed wire fences as far as the eye could see and normally you saw a guard in a tower with an M16A1 Rifle at the ready with a hair trigger finger. This site doesn`t have a visible guard so far like Prison Break did but knowing the military I am sure there is some part of this perimeter with some sort of sentry ready to mow down any violators that may be dumb enough to try to enter this site without permission. Let`s face it, we live in a world of terrorism and like being a cop in some of the more dangerous cities the military too is on edge and are taking lots of security measures.

What really stimulates the senses and imagination about this particular project are the hundred or so antennas that are about a foot thick and stand some seventy-two feet tall and are spaced about eighty-feet apart. The poles are in weird shaped geometric patterning that form and then reform in every direction. Sounds like something off of one of the Apollo space missions back in the 1960s.

The project and the site of the project have drawn media attention to the little sleepy village in and around the project called Gakona, population 200. There have been many opinions about this project which has led to tons of controversy as to what the military may be doing in this project other than what it is said to be intended for and that is to conduct research on the ionosphere`s which is an upper level of the atmosphere that scientists focus on to study shortwave radio communication because in this area of the upper atmosphere is where plasma forms naturally.

The military has been asked numerous times about the HAARP project and most of the time the response is, Go find out for yourself at the HAARP open-house which is normally held in the summer every few years. The continuation of the response by the military is also that it is for scientist to study more in depth happenings and to possibly improve Homeland Security.

There is also a website dedicated to this project and on the website even more explanations are given but given in sort and roundabout way. The website states that the HAARP project is that Federal Scientists are working to unlock the mysteries of other natural phenomena`s that have interested us since the millennia. It states they are studying lightening, aurora borealis and other phenomena`s like this.

Like with any mystery, there are always other theories and in this case this project is no different. Other theories to this project are that the HAARP project is being used to gather intelligence on Iran`s underground nuclear facilities, if there are any. Also, this project which uses those large and creepy looking antennas is possibly causing earthquakes and maybe it caused the earthquake that rocked Japan like being hit head on by Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens while he is at a full sprint. The Japan earthquake if you all remember hit in March of this year and was measured at 8.9 magnitudes. Could HAARP have been responsible for that earthquake? The reason the HAARP project is being said to have caused the earthquake in Japan is because the earthquake led to the devastation of the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear facility which led to a meltdown in the facility.

Could HAARP be focusing on the next and most powerful nuclear weapon that could implode the world with one press of a button? Or, maybe scientists and the military have become a little paranoid and are now wondering if what is being predicted by the Web Bot project of the end of the world to take place in 2012 may be true so they may be researching how to stop it from becoming a reality? (To find out more about the Web Bot project go to or see below) and read my two other stores about the Web Bot project. Also, while you`re there, check out the other great stories, interviews and fun things this great website has to offer.    

So, whatever the military and science is doing in the HAARP project I am sure it is for the good of research and for the good of us but then again who knows? Doesn`t it just make your curiosity thirst for more evidence as to what this project may really be being used for. It does mine.