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Published:October 14th, 2011 10:59 EST

Lady Gaga Livid Over Lady Goo Goo's Single! Gee! Lady Goo Goo Is A Cartoon!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lady Gaga has won an injunction at London`s High Court to stop animated character Lady Goo Goo from releasing a single, its makers have said.

Lady Goo Goo, a baby with a long blonde fringe from the Moshi Monsters online game - owned by UK firm Mind Candy - released The Moshi Dance on YouTube."



Where`s your sense of humor Lady Gaga? Lady Goo Goo is a parody! Merchandising based on Lady Goo Goo and her friends Dustbin Beaver and Roxy are aimed at six-12-year-olds, it`s not like Lady Goo Goo`s single is aimed at your audience.

Oops! My bad! Lady Goo Goo appeals to the same demographics as Lady Gaga! I can see why Lady Gaga is so threatened by Lady Goo Goos` single.

Lady Goo Goo`s single includes the lyrics: My stroller`s pretty and my diapers are silk, I throw my toys out if I don`t get my milk. Oh, Dear God in Heaven Above! Those lyrics sound like something Lady Gaga could have written!

I don`t often agree with Lady Gaga, but girlfriend has an excellent case!

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