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Published:October 14th, 2011 11:56 EST
Teamwork? Where are the Jobs?  Washington Get a Clue!

Teamwork? Where are the Jobs? Washington Get a Clue!

By Ron G Anselm

I`m glad to see that `We the People` are finally doing something about our government, both the democrats and the republicans whom we count on to resolve major issues when it comes to our country as well as the responsibility of taking care of the people of this country.  

Futhermore, it seems that both political parties keep dropping the ball when it comes to getting these major issues  under control  as well as the creation of jobs, stimulating the economy and fixing all of the problems that we are facing in a timely manner. 

I`m not criticizing the Obama Administration because I think Obama has done as good of a job as he can with what he has had to work with. I am criticizing the Republicans for how little of team players they have been during this economic crisis. I heard one of them make a comment recently and is also on the Internet as-well; I won`t mention his name but he really needs to get a clue, he made a comment that he was concerned about this new occupying movement that is taking shape in many cities across this country. He is afraid that these groups will turn into mobs and there will be rioting in the streets. Well, let me enlighten him! I would not blame them if they did riot. If that particular Republican is so concerned about these groups rioting then start to WORK AS A TEAM! With the Democrats. All we ever hear is when one part of the administration comes up with a way to hopefully create jobs, the Republicans come up with another way to slam the democrats and shoot down their idea.

We are at a point where we are now completely out of time and have no use for this petty arguing between the republicans and democrats about how to fix the economy and create jobs. I listen to the heartbreaking stories daily of how a Mom and Dad lost their jobs, can`t find another one, all their life savings is now gone, they have no one else they can count on (except our fearless leaders in Washington) and how they are now going to lose their home and have to sleep in some tent. And they now have to worry about how they are going to feed their two-month old baby and keep him or her warm at night. It should have never had to get to this point. UNBELIAVABLE!

It is now to the point of to fix the economy and create jobs there is going to have to be a lot of Out of the Box thinking to come up with new ideas and fresh thinking. And again TEAMWORK.

One idea I am beside myself on that I think was a great idea and has not happened or has not been implemented yet is the plan Obama came up with for the American Jobs Act or what is known as the Jobs Bill we keep hearing about on the news. Why has Congress not passed this yet? Oh Wait, I know why, they are probably on one of their many vacations they take year round sipping pineapple umbrella drinks in some remote beach location while our country is sinking and people are starving because they can`t find work! If it was up to me I would clean house on the congress side and hire people that were hard workers, team players and cared enough with the work before play mentality to get the job done first. Like Donald Trump would say, you`re Fired!

I saw on the show sixty minutes recently where they interviewed one CEO from a major corporation. He said he recently had the chance to go to Washington and sit in one of these crises meetings held daily there and listen. He said he has never seen a group of people go on and on about one issue that should only take five minutes to resolve. He also was asked what it would take for companies to start hiring again and he responded something like, if the Republicans and Democrats could work as a team and give some inclination that they are now working as a team and that they will get this economy moving again that would give enough confidence in business leadership to start to hire again.

So, with this comment by the CEO the blame is on the Republicans for not working as a team with the Obama Administration. My suggestions; stop arguing, come up with solutions, get along like good little boys and girls, and CREATE jobs! This has gone on long enough and this is also the reason why the American people pay your large salaries in the first place to lead and fix problems. Here`s another suggestion, why don`t we lower all of your salaries to minimum wage until the economic problem is fixed! That would instill motivation in everyone of you to get the ball rolling and rolling like an Earl Anthony ten pin strike hitting the one, two pocket dead on back in the 1970s on the Pro Bowlers Tour. So, don`t be concerned about this occupying movement that is growing daily.

The occupying movement is a good thing because it is relaying a message that we are not going to just sit back and watch the same things that lead to now where in Washington go on and on with no results. If the leadership in Washington were say a management team in your average company and the problems especially the more critical ones were not fixed after three years, you might as well say that each of those management positions were a high turnover position because the company would not put up with that and would not want people in those positions that cannot fix problems (they are Managers and that is what Managers do) they would keep terminating those managers that could not get the job done and keep looking for people that could fill those positions successfully and get the job done like they are paid to do and suppose to do. So, what`s the difference in the leadership positions in Washington compared to this example? Nothing.

Again, my suggestion would be to pass the American Jobs Act; so what if it is only a temporary fix and a band aid solution for now. At least if it creates jobs for say six months, that is that many more people being able to once again go back to work and then while the bill is creating jobs, evaluate the issues it may have during the job creation period. Evaluate those issues and fix them while companies are hiring. This is how any new policy is managed by implementing it, evaluating it, fixing the issues and then implementing once again any needed changes until the new policy is perfect and working. You`ll have to buy a little time in the short run to fix the major problem of creating jobs in the long run.

This is also a fresh idea and out of the box thinking. Nothing else has worked up to this point so far maybe this is the final solution and what we need to create jobs and once again get the American economy back to where it once was the greatest in the world. My other suggestion, WORK AS A TEAM! I don`t care if we need to send each and every politician in both parties back to college again to take Team Work 101 to learn how to work as a team, resolve issues as a team, welcome diversity to create and generate tons of ideas on fixing issues (like the economy) and make things happen. As the Nike commercial used to say, Just Do It!

No one wants to see everything they have worked hard for all their life, saved for and sacrificed for go down the drain because they lost their job and cannot find another one in a timely manner, including myself because it has been almost four years now and the economy is still not fixed and the unemployment numbers continue to raise because the Democrats and Republicans continue to do the same things that are not working and have no team work to get this problem fixed. We are all in this together and need to fix this together and need to take care of each other like we were one big happy family. It`s our country; let`s make it the greatest in the world as it once was!