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Published:October 15th, 2011 08:34 EST

Principal Bans 'Risque' Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirts

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Arizona high school has banned cheerleaders from wearing breast cancer awareness shirts with the message `Feel for lumps, save your bumps` to games.

lumpsThe Gilbert High School cheerleaders said the shirts, which read `Gilbert cheer` on the front, were meant to be worn to Friday night`s game as part of a school fundraiser for breast cancer research, The Arizona Republic reported Thursday.


The principal argued that the reference to "bumps" was inappropriate. Give me a freakin` break, there`s 101 more suggestive ways to refer to mammary glands: Jugs, hooters, mosquito bites (Hello Paris Hilton), boobs, breasts...

The slogan "Feel the lumps, save your bumps" is as wholesome as apple pie, and it brings awareness to breast cancer.

I hope that the principal never overhears the students at her high school talking. If the reference to bumps offends her, she might have a heart attack when she hears them dropping F-bombs like there`s no tomorrow.

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Note: In a previous version of this article I wrote that Gaylen Skowronek was the principal, she`s not the principal she`s the one who contacted the media about the principal`s decision to not let the girls wear the shirts. Gaylen`s daughter is a cheerleader, and she obvioulsy supports the cheerleaders.