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Published:October 15th, 2011 08:27 EST

Should Eating While Driving Be Banned?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Chicago suburb is weighing a potential ban on motorists eating, drinking, applying makeup or talking on the phone while behind the wheel.

eatingOak Park officials said there is no formal proposal yet, but they have been discussing banning activities such as eating and drinking while driving as part of a crackdown on distracted drivers, WLS-TV, Chicago, reported Friday."


I can understand a ban on motorists talking on the phone while behind the wheel. Gabbing on the phone diverts too much attention and focus from what`s ahead on the road.

But Americans have been eating and driving ever since the heyday of the Model T. The typical mini-van has a hundred cup holders, because drivers and passengers enjoy stuffing their mouths when they are in a vehicle.

Peeling a hard-boiled egg might not be such a good idea while you are driving, but there`s nothing wrong with munching on a Chalupa or a hamburger. If I drop the Chalupa on my lap, it`s my freakin` business.

Having greasy hands isn`t going to make me lose my grip on the steering wheel. We don`t need Big Brother looking over our shoulder, nobody likes a backseat driver.

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