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Published:October 15th, 2011 18:59 EST
It`s Time to Flip the Script

It`s Time to Flip the Script

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

As we hear the echoes of a double dip recession from all corners of the media, I can`t help but think about my recent trip to Buenos Aires,  Argentina. I was there teaching the principles of Revela tu Brillo (Spanish version of Release Your Brilliance) to 200 human resources leaders from across the country. No, I don`t speak any Spanish beyond "Hola Amigo, mi nombre es Simon T. Bailey." After my seven hour plane ride from Panama, I stood in line with seemingly hundreds of people from other parts of the world waiting to clear customs and there were no worried looks on their faces about the economy, be it local or global. 

Everyone was coming to the homeland of one of the most famous citizen leaders - Eva Peron, portrayed by Madonna who belted out Ms. Peron`s signature revolutionary "Don`t Cry For Me Argentina" in the movie Evita. As I toodled around Argentina before flying to Lima, Peru, I couldn`t help but notice that the restaurants were packed, the Grand Pacifico Mall (the main shopping hub) was crowded and there were two McDonalds less than a mile from each other.   

Someway, somehow the people in Argentina (be it residents or tourists) didn`t get the memo, don`t read the paper, and won`t buy into the idea that if North Americans are shaking in their boots, they should be doing the same. You may have heard the old saying "when America catches a cold, the rest of the world catches the flu."  This was far from the truth in the homeland of the Tango. I was having breakfast at the Four Seasons (one of the best places to stay in Argentina) where I was spoiled rotten during my stay. Sitting next to me were a couple from Atlanta who had just arrived for a week-long stay. They didn`t have a care in the world even though the airlines had lost their luggage. 

Here`s the takeaway: it`s time to Flip the Script. Simply put, when everyone and everything is figuratively screaming gloom and doom, don`t buy into the hype. Walk the other way and take control of your inner steering wheel. See it differently and act accordingly based on your vision instead of the tell-a-vision. 

Deutsche Bank, in a recent USA Today article entitled A Recession in Confidence, says "this debilitating drop in optimism - if it persists - could act as a mental roadblock and rile markets. A confidence recession poses dangers to the economy, because when the masses think the future is bleak, not bright, the negative thinking manifests itself in all sorts of hunker-down behaviors that act as a drag on growth."    

Here are three ways to Flip the Script during this interesting time...

  • Grow the Economy of Your Mind. The greatest asset you have is your thinking. Dream Big. Envision even bigger. Right now. Yes, right now. Read books that uplift you; magazine articles on Flip Board (Cool App in iPad) that stretch your thinking.
  • Surround Yourself with a Diversity of Thought. Look at your inner circle. Does everyone look like you, think like you and talk like you? If so, then you may be limited to what they know.
  • Learn another language. As the world is shifting right before our eyes, we need to be equipped with any and everything that will keep us relevant. I am starting to learn Spanish and it`s only as tough as I make it. It`s clearly time to graduate from adios and muchas gracias.

Oh Brilliant One, it`s time to Flip the Script once and for all. The future awaits those who will create it moment by moment, minute by minute. Will you create it or allow something or someone else to do it for you? 

If you or anyone you know speaks Spanish, then they need a copy of Revela tu Brillo. It is receiving rave reviews in Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Argentina and will soon be available in Chile. Visit   

The Release Your Brilliance Weekend (RYB11) at the Walt Disney World Swan Resort was amazing. Here is the photo of the brilliant participants.  Thank you Marley Majcher - and Jennifer Abernethy for sharing your brilliance with everyone.