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Published:October 17th, 2011 00:48 EST

Pop Tart Lady Gaga: Hillary Clinton Is Hot! Say What?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Lady Gaga expressed her love for Bill and Hillary Clinton in outrageous fashion at a gala honoring the former president in Los Angeles.

Gaga did some suggestive dance moves on stage in front of the former president and declared `I love you and your hot wife` at the end of her rendition of her hit `Bad Romance." UPI


Thousands of adjectives have been used to describe Hillary Clinton: Brilliant, eloquent, ruthless, evil, liberal, conniving, courageous...

But Lady Gaga is the first person to ever refer to Hillary as "hot."

The 63-year-old career politician should be judged by her accomplishments, and not by her personal appearance. But a person who remarks on Hillary`s looks shouldn`t stretch the truth beyond recognition by calling her "hot.

Hillary is the antithesis of "hot"; she`s an Ice Queen who can freeze your heart with an icy glare. Hillary didn`t reach the pinnacle of politics by relying on her looks or warm personality; it`s her indomitable spirit that she can thank for her many successes.

Lady Gaga is a stone-cold liar, she will ingratiate herself with anyone who can further her career. We should never believe anything that emanates from her lying lips.

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