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Published:October 17th, 2011 20:08 EST
Occupy Wall Streets & The Freedom of Speech

Occupy Wall Streets & The Freedom of Speech

By Will Roberts

Occupy Wall Streets & The Freedom of Speech is about to be stopped by the need to be neat! At least that is what New York Mayor Bloomberg says about Occupy Wall Street. It seems that the Mayor was about to inform the Occupy Wall Streeters that he has the right to use the "keep our cities clean rule" to get them off the streets of New York. That was the other day, and today Occupy Wall Street is far from in the trash.

Bloomberg, wanted to Occupy the streets of New York with a team of street cleaners. Well, that was the plan until the property managers of the land on which the Wall Street squatters are parked changed their minds and decided to work with the protestors to have them work together to see the land kept up.

Kinda funny when you think about it, the 99% (Occupy Wall Streeters) are asking to get Wall Street cleaned up. Little did they know they`d start with the Occupy Wall protestors, kinda backwards. Look at it this way...

Everyone knows that when you are cleaning, you start with the top shelf first; that way whatever falls off and hits the floor will eventually be cleaned up because you end cleaning with the floors, but not vice versa. Gravity works on more than just apples falling from trees.

The top shelf of Wall Street has made off with main streets` life savings. In recent weeks I have had a lot of time to meet these protestors and some know why they are there and others, well they are there to collect the cool t-shirt and meet some like minded people. But they are all clear on one thing: they know that they, us; we are the ones that helped the big boys get to where they are ... RICH! And where we are now is ...POOR!

Is it a moral fight? Political? Can we hold our Government officials responsible? In this cowboy`s opinion leave that question in the hands of the 1%`s and let them reflect on that. You know like Scrooge, maybe the citizens are Tiny Tim and the shape of our country is the ghosts that visit in the middle of the night. Will all the big boys wake the next day, throw money in the streets and have a turkey at your doorstep??? Some may, others won`t. But this fight is building up and Occupy Wall Street is occupying more than just our streets, it is in our minds, our tone and most importantly in the 2012 voters` box.

Your Friend,
Will Roberts