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Published:October 23rd, 2011 12:15 EST

Bentley Outraged Paris Hilton Drives A Pink Bentley Continental GT

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Forbes is reporting that the higher-ups at the Bentley car company are not particularly thrilled about Paris Hilton being photographed by paparazzi cruising around in a bright pink Bentley Continental GT."


The $212,800 luxury automobile is marketed to affluent people who recognize and appreciate a supremely well-engineered vehicle.

CEO`s, politicians, and other successful individuals own Bentleys, but Paris Hilton is probably the only one who drives a pink version.

The Bentley car company`s advertising campaign likes to drive home the point that owning a Bentley is a reward for having achieved success in business or politics.

The last thing the Bentley corporation wants to see is a clueless celeb who hasn`t achieved anything in her life tooling around in one of their luxury vehicles.

Maybe the Bentley corporation can pay Hilton not to drive their cars.

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