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Published:October 23rd, 2011 19:03 EST
Judyth Piazza interviews Brooks Hunter, Director/ Writer/ Editor/ Producer of Kenneyville

Judyth Piazza interviews Brooks Hunter, Director/ Writer/ Editor/ Producer of Kenneyville

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Brooks Hunter is the founder and principal filmmaker of Toronto-based Robanzo Pictures, a production company specializing in creating original motion picture content.  Born in Vermont, U.S., Brooks grew up in Ottawa, Ontario with a video camera in his hands.  By 15, he had directed over 40 short films and notably earned international praise as the winner of the Greenlight Youth Film Festival`s Best Long Form Production for Dirty Cops and a year`s supply of Kraft Dinner for the National Gotta be KD " Film Competition. 

Having worked for Academy Award winning producers at the Toronto International Film Festival and graduating from Sheridan College for Media Arts in 2005, Brooks began working on the Paramount Pictures Lot in Hollywood.  He also participated in the Los Angeles Film Festival as well as the famed Cannes Film Festival. While living in Los Angeles through 2006, he worked on numerous sets, building his skill sets as a Production Assistant, 2nd Assistant Director and Camera Operator.  In 2007, he began directing a slate of larger-scale short films which have been screened at film festivals around the world, two of which have been distributed by Ouat Media out of Toronto.  He recently completed his first feature film, "Kenneyville", as director, writer, editor and producer. 

The film is being distributed across Canada and the US and has already picked up Canadian-wide coverage on renowned networks and newspapers such as MTV and Playback.  His director`s reel includes the Samsung`s Galaxy S Fascinate 4G commercial as well as multiple commercials for the world-leading water park designer and manufacturer, ProSlide Technology.  Grateful for those inspiring Kraft dinners as a child, Brooks now has numerous feature films in development with production companies in the US and Canada.



There is something seriously wrong with Kenneyville. When, a young woman, KIM, from Toronto goes missing and police mysteriously drop the case earlier than expected, two private detectives are hired to find her. With undercover aliases, CHARLIE and KELLY head to the small town of Kenneyville for answers after discovering significant clues. Upon meeting seemingly innocent locals, Charlie is brutally beaten and Kelly is ruthlessly kidnapped. Charlie awakens in shock with a new mission: to find and save his partner. We soon realize the horrific truth behind both women`s disappearances. ADRIAN BLACK, a local scientist and businessman, has been collecting innocent women for experiments in creating brainwashed assassins. Charlie soon discovers just how deep the rabbit hole goes and ultimately learns which shocking `mega-organization` has hired Adrian to produce these ruthless killing machines.

Director`s Comments
Film has such a powerful way of making you feel as though you`re actually experiencing what`s onscreen, so learning how to create thrills and take the audience on something they`d rarely experience in life is truly fascinating. The core themes of Kenneyville cover trying to maintain reality while being brainwashed, losing sanity in the midst of captivity, and the implications of implementing small amounts of evil for a much greater good. Ultimately, there is strong subtext of mental illness (bipolar disorder and psychosis) in the film. I have bipolar disorder and although I`ve been doing quite well for a long time, there were years of very difficult struggles in the past.

Kenneyville has numerous metaphors in it for the painful journey one must travel through while falling into serious stages of anxiety and delusional thinking. It is a fictional, fantasy world in which many of the characters, events, sets, and production design represent various stages and elements of transitioning from feeling normal" to having the world become emotionally paralyzing. These themes stem from a very common theme in life where pain must sometimes be endured for success in the end. Similar to hard work, going through the trials of medication and therapy is what`s usually needed to get through deeper stages of mental illness. It turns into a challenging concept to wrap your head around, however, when trying to discern what`s a REAL emotion vs. what`s an emotion affected by a chemical imbalance. "

The idea originated from a short film I wrote and directed immediately after graduating high school entitled The Kenneyville Clown. It was essentially about one`s subconscious sadistic desires coming to physical manifestation.. This short film was inspiration for a feature film script, Geoff and I wrote entitled RED DOT in the winter of 2008. We kept tweaking the story so much that an entirely different script emerged called Babe with a Sword. Tons of other adjustments took place took place and finally Kenneyville emerged. So we got three scripts out of writing Kenneyville overall.

My past experience in the horror genre was the first short I directed in 9th Grade entitled Guess Again. I made it for drama class. I was fascinated by the actual fear and thrills a horror film could bring about in an audience. I saw them as being similar to rollercoasters. The simulation of coming close to death but surviving is a very interesting phenomenon. The intensity of it all is quite interesting to play with.