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Published:October 29th, 2011 16:07 EST
Occupy Las Vegas Protest: Will Roberts Plan You Can Bank On!

Occupy Las Vegas Protest: Will Roberts Plan You Can Bank On!

By Will Roberts

Well, it`s not bad enough that 99% of this country feels left out and broke. But folks in Las Vegas and specifically `Occupy Las Vegas` are setting up camp in a lot that they are being given to occupancy for one month. That`s right, one month, unlike NYC and `Occupy Wall Street` where they occupied and stayed put where they were and waited to be pushed off the property. Well, `Las Vegas Occupy` is working on trying to get a foothold and stake a claim for their camp.

The problem I saw when doing my report out at `Occupy Las Vegas` is that you can miss the camp if you take a wrong turn or go two feet past the makeshift entrance. I am not really sure of the purpose of having a camp if it`s more like a hideout.

`Occupy` would do best to occupy a place that is not off the beaten path. After all isn`t it the idea that you create a presence to be a little annoying and be heard? In `Occupy Las Vegas` you could get everyone to scream at the same time, at the top of their lungs and even if the planes weren`t going over, chances are the yells would not get heard over the penny slots on the strip.

If you want my plan and you are reading my column, you`ll at least have to read on or stop now and put your phone/iPad/computer back to work, I mean real work, (your 9-5 job) not surfing and socializing. Anyway, my plan is simple and it is by far the most real and effective plan I think I have ever had... A common CENTS plan, cause that`s all we can afford.

Will Roberts Plan you can Bank on!
Worldwide, STOP taking money out of the ATM`s just for a few days.. that will get these banks down on their knees. If you count everytime you withdraw money from the bank and the fees they charge you at the ATM and then your bank, their bank... why in Vegas alone they take ($5) a transaction in the casinos, with that kinda profit, why we could pay the national debt off in a week!

Your Friend,

Will Roberts