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Published:October 30th, 2011 11:23 EST

Video: Rick Perry Terrible Debater, Even Worse Speaker

By Robert Paul Reyes

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry is arguably the worst debater in the history of presidential campaigns. When I watch Perry in a debate, I wince at his lame attempts as humor; I laugh at his awkward demeanor; I get dizzy at his contorted logic, and I pray that a miracle will take place and he will win the Republican nomination, thereby guaranteeing an Obama landslide.


It`s no surprise that the governor of Texas has stated that he may skip a few debates. If Perry misses a couple of debates the electorate would be so grateful, that he may move up a few points in the polls.

If you think Perry is an awful debater, just wait until you see this video, he`s even worse at giving speeches. In this video the national punching bag looks like a 3rd-rate stoned impersonator doing an impersonation of Rick Perry. When I watched this video I didn`t know whether to reach for my bong or my gun.

Perry gave this speech October 28 in Manchester, New Hampshire. Thank goodness for YouTube, the whole country can see that the governor of Texas is a nutjob. I`ll tease the video by saying that Perry is unusually expressive.

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