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Published:November 3rd, 2011 11:46 EST

Herman Cain Scandal: Race, Gender Politics And Hypocrisy

By Robert Paul Reyes

Herman Cain may be a gifted and successful businessman, but he lacks the experience, knowledge and wisdom to be a credible presidential candidate. An individual who is unfamiliar with the terms "neoconservative", "Palestinian right of return", and who is unaware that China has had nuclear weapons for decades isn`t qualified to be a kindergarten teacher, let alone Leader of the Free World. The former CEO of Godfather`s Pizza may be familiar with all the tricks for making a great pizza, but he doesn`t know jack about current events or foreign policy.


An intellectual lightweight like Cain would be lucky to get more than one percent in the Democratic nomination for president, but against all odds and commonsense the pizza king is leading most of the national polls in the race for the Republican nomination.

You don`t have to be a political science major to realize that there are undercurrents of racism in the Tea Party. Herman Cain is a safe African American who knows his place, and he allows conservatives to hide their racism by proclaiming their support for him.

Cain insists that there is no institutionalized racism, and he blames laziness for the failure of many blacks to escape the inner city and achieve financial success. The embattled presidential candidate dreams of erecting an electrified fence on the border with Mexico to kill all those pesky illegal aliens. What racist wouldn`t love somebody like Cain?

Cain is currently in a s(e)x scandal that threatens to destroy his presidential aspirations. Even though there is a lot of smoke, and where there`s smoke there is fire, the Tea Party crowd is standing by their man. And Cain is their man, they own him lock, stock and barrel.

Ann Coulter defended Herman Cain by stating "Our blacks are so much better than their blacks." Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh own Cain, and he`d better toe the Tea Party line.

There are three women (and counting) who have alleged that Cain s(e)xually harassed them, none of the ladies have surfaced yet. If one of the victims makes a public appearance, and it turns out that she is white, Cain`s presidential campaign will be over.

Cain is the far right`s man, but if he s(e)xually harassed white women his support in the Tea Party will evaporate. Cain, blatantly playing the race card, claims that he is being lynched in the media. Brother, you might be lynched for real, if one of your accusers is a white woman, especially if she was in her 20`s at the time you s(e)xually harassed her.

The best thing for the Republican Party and politics in general, is if this ignoramus quits the presidential race. The right might be enthralled by Cain`s dexterity in flipping a pizza and spouting political nonsense, but the rest of us have grown tired of Cain`s deceit, ignorance and inexperience.

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