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Published:November 3rd, 2011 12:33 EST

Moron Judge: Lindsay Lohan Can Pose For Playboy Before Starting Jail Term

By Robert Paul Reyes

"According to E!, the 25-year-old actress (Lindsay Lohan), who was sentenced to 300 days of jail Wednesday for violating her probation, will re-shoot a spread with Playboy magazine today before beginning her sentence." ABC News 


Judge Stephanie Saunter is a disgrace to her profession, I can`t believe she is letting Lohan finish shooting her spread for Playboy before beginning her sentence. I bet the kind and understanding judge lets a thief pull own more convenience store robbery before he starts his sentence.

According to E! the pop tart is expected to pose in lingerie and will not appear nude. I can hear the world breathing a sigh of relief, if Lohan`s lips are bloated with Botox and her teeth are rotten, God only knows in what condition her lady parts are in.

The troubled starlet will probably spend only a few days behind bars due to overcrowding. Evil is rarely contained for long, she will soon be wreaking havoc on civilization again.

Shame on anyone who buys a copy of the Playboy issue featuring Lohan -- don`t enable this loser.

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