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Published:November 4th, 2011 13:36 EST

Justin Bieber: I Ain't No Baby Daddy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Justin Bieber went on `The Today Show` and denied the claims made by a San Diego woman that he got her pregnant backstage after one of his shows.


A 20-year-old cougar, Mariah Yeater, filed a paternity suit alleging she had a a baby nine months after a quickie hookup with "The Bieber" following a concert in Los Angeles last October.


Justin has hired a crisis management team to help him deal with this controversy. The crisis management team needs to spread rumors that Bieber has hooked up with several groupies, and that he is a baby daddy a dozen times over. Now that Bieber is the ripe old age of 17, these type of rumors can only help his career.

The tweens won`t be so enamored of Justin two or three years from now, he needs to appeal to an older demographic right now.

In fact, I wouldn`t be surprised if Bieber`s handlers paid Mariah to sleep with the pop star. If Justin hooks up with Mariah Carey, that would really boost his career!

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