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Published:November 10th, 2011 15:44 EST
First-ever Nationwide Test of the Emergency Alert System a Disaster

First-ever Nationwide Test of the Emergency Alert System a Disaster

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

The first-ever nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) took place Wednesday, Nov. 9th.   If doomsday was upon us then its first victim was the National Emergency System Test which was a complete failure. One official was quoted as saying, " The Test was a huge success.  If we had not run the test on November 9th we would have not known that it was broken."  

The New York Times reported that in some parts of the country, the EAS alert was replaced with Lady Gaga singing Paparazzi for some DirecTV subscribers. In addition, some Time Warner subscribers saw a home-shopping network in place of the alert.

Over the past several weeks the US Government launched a huge public awareness campaign alerting Americans about the up and coming test. In a strange coincidence the test was to take place on the day that an asteroid past dangerously close to the earth and just a few weeks after the mysterious Comet Elenin made its sprint through our inner solar system.  As Comet Elenin passed near the sun it was broken apart as most comets are when passing near the sun.

The Denver Post reported that at "Denver`s KMGH-Channel 7, the test`s warning failed to connect, then muted the channel`s audio for more than two hours. At KWGN-Channel 2 and KDVR-Channel 31, viewers who use antennas had a 2 1/2-minute delay before the start of the noon test."

All of these events leave conspiracy theorists scratching their heads wondering if the test was meant to be an actual warning and subsequently was cancelled once the earth was no longer in danger.  There were numerous theories and fears surrounding the approach of Comet Elenin and Asteroid 2005 (YU55).  One of which was that terrestrial objects would cause earthquakes and tsunamis.  On November 7th there was an earthquake in Oklahoma registering 4.7 magnitude and another one today registering 3.2 magnitude leaving the question, was the Oklahoma earthquakes caused by Comet Elenin or Asteroid 2005 (YU55)?  

It appears for now that the sky is not falling and we are all safe. 

With 2012 rapidly approaching let us all hope that the Mayans emergency warning system will be a disastrous dud as well.


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