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Published:November 10th, 2011 11:51 EST

Video: Rick Perry Brain Freeze! Biggest Gaffe In History Of Presidential Debates!

By Robert Paul Reyes

We were all expecting the highlight of last night`s debate to be when Herman Cain was questioned about the allegations of s(e)xual harassed levied against  him by four women.

perryWhen one of the moderators broached the subject, Herman Cain, in front of a sympathetic conservative audience, deftly answered the question. But the clueless Cain, who doesn`t exactly have a sterling reputation when it comes to his treatment of women, hurt himself when he referred to former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as "Princess Nancy."

The conservative audience in Rochester, Michigan  doesn`t represent the nationwide electorate, and there`s no way Cain will win the Republican nomination when he`s alienated millions of women.

Going into last night`s debate Rick Perry has already earned a reputation as a  horrible debater, this was his last real chance to redeem himself. If Perry had managed to survive the debate without soiling his pants and without committing any gaffes, he would have been congratulated from all sides.

Perry was actually doing reasonably well until that moment that will live in infamy, when he had a 53-second brain freeze. The Texas governor emphatically declared that he would eliminate three federal agencies, but struggled to name them. "Commerce, Education and the -- what`s the third one there? Let`s see..." Perry`s rivals tried to bail him out, suggesting  agencies in need of elimination. Someone shouted EPA and Perry said. "EPA, there you go."

But that wasn`t really it, and when the moderator gave him another chance to remember, this time he could only remember one of the agencies. It wasn`t until later on in the debate when he remembered all three agencies that he`s so gung ho about eliminating.

Perry wasn`t asked to name all the presidents, this wasn`t a trick question, he should be able to name the three agencies he wants to eliminate while making love to his wife, downing shots of whisky, and juggling swords. 

Perry may stick around for a few more weeks or months for appearances sake, but he`s Texas Toast. He`s dead man walking! You can stick a fork in him, he`s done! It`s impossible for Perry to overcome the most embarrassing moment in the history of political debates.

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