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Published:November 11th, 2011 15:43 EST

Chuck's Joshua Gomez Says You Are Not Supposed to Like Morgan

By Paulette Cohn

Chuck returned for its fifth and final season with a twist: Morgan (Joshua Gomez) accidentally becomes the Intersect and there doesn`t seem to be anything anyone can do about.


On tonight`s episode, it really becomes an issue because as the team is tasked with finding one of the CIAs most wanted, Chuck (Zachary Levi) fears that the Intersect may be going to Morgan`s head.


In this interview with Gomez, we learn how he felt when he discovered he would be the Intersect, how it has affected his portrayal of Morgan and if the role has released his inner nerd.

How did you feel when you learned you were going to be the new Intersect?

I was very excited. Obviously, I was really excited to get to change up and try new things. In the course of a television show, especially one like Chuck that`s been fortunate enough to go five seasons, it`s like anything has a chance to become a bit stale, especially as an actor playing a certain character and the same thing over and over again.

So for me to be able to know that I was going to come into this season with a sort of renewed sense of wonder and fun, it was like, "Oh, this is going to be very cool," so it was awesome.

Can you talk a little bit about tonight`s episode: Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips?

Yes, Chuck Versus the Frosted Tips is the big part in the arc of Morgan and the Intersect.  Last week, something was wrong. [The Intersect] was not working correctly in his head. He doesn`t remember who Indiana Jones was or Luke Skywalker. That just ain`t cool in Morgan`s world.

So, obviously, something is happening, plus his whole attitude and his demeanor [are off]. He`s a little bit aggressive and so something is wrong. So that kind of comes to a head.

And clearly something is very, very wrong when you actually see my hair, because it`s something else. Some people like it though. I will go out on a limb and [say that] I`ve been told that some people actually find it fetching. Myself, I`m not one of those people. But, there you go.

So this is a big kind of moment and it really kind of tests the boundaries of Chuck and Morgan`s friendship .

Beyond just the Kung Fu aspects of being in Intersect, how are you approaching playing your part, because your character is changing?

It`s impacted it a lot, actually, especially during this arc of the Intersect not quite working right. It`s been a blast because, like I said earlier, you know, you can tend to play the same character.

Television I think is much like a comfort food for people. And when people find a comfort food they like, a television show they like, they want things to kind of stay the same. They want the always pizza should taste like pizza.

And so I think there`s a chance obviously in television when you do enough seasons, as an actor, you can kind of become unchallenged. You have to learn the character like the back of your hand, so you just kind of go on cruise control.

This was fun because it forced me to just switch everything up and so I was excited. I was nervous at first, obviously for so many different reasons. Just getting the Intersect, I thought, was just a crazy turn and something I wasn`t expecting.

And then as I started to get the scripts and I saw this character becoming what he`s becoming and how it was affecting him, it`s nerve-wracking. Our fans are really loyal and they love Chuck, and I`m like, "Oh, crap, I`m going to get things thrown at me for being a jerk."

But that being said, it`s your job. I said, "I`m going to go full force." My job in these episodes as you`ll see and especially in Frosted Tips, is you`re not supposed to like Morgan at this point.

So, I kind of threw myself into that, and it was so much fun because it was a 180 from the Morgan of three or four seasons ago, so.

Over these five years of being on Chuck, have you felt your inner nerd coming out?

Well, it was out long before Chuck. That was always a big part of kind of who I was, and I am, so that`s why I think the role appealed to me so much. Zachary and I always are pretty outspoken about that, and going into this Zach always joked that it`s not Chuck and Morgan, people, we`re playing ourselves kind of thing.

Which to a degree I think he`s joking, but there`s definitely a lot of the same thing ... Chuck and Morgan`s love of sci-fi and comic books and all that kind of stuff was very much a part of who I was. I love video games and I have a huge collection of X-Men comics ... not a lot of things I have time for now, but growing up.

So I related to these characters right from the very beginning. Yes, it`s been amazing and the sort of acceptance and the push for - in sort of the nerd culture now is pretty hysterical - just how in the sort of limelight it is, you know. It`s pretty funny.

Chuck airs tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC.