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Published:November 18th, 2011 20:40 EST

OMG! Herman Cain Thinks Taliban Running Libya

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Herman Cain suggested in Florida Friday that he believes elements of the Taliban are involved in the new Libyan government.

cainIn an Orlando press conference, Cain defended himself from criticism over the meandering, incoherent answer he gave earlier this week to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter`s question about Libya."


I thought nobody could out-Perry Rick Perry`s infamous brain freeze moment in a one of the dozens of debates held this year.

But in trying to articulate his opposition to Barack Obama`s Libya policy, Cain made Rick Perry look like a physicist waxing eloquent on the metaphysical implications of quantum mechanics. Cain paused for an eternity, but the former CEO of Godfather`s Pizza was able to extract only a stale slice of pizza from his pea-brain. Cain left the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wondering if he belongs in a room with padded walls.

In a press conference today, Cain made himself look even worse, by trying to make sense of his incoherent non-answer. Cain explained that elements of the Taliban were involved in the New Libyan government.

A typical Libyan wouldn`t know a member of the Taliban from a member of The Wiggles. The Taliban is thousands of miles from Libya, and needless to say they aren`t interested in meddling in any Arab country, their overwhelming concern is to drive the American infidel dogs from their homeland.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Herman Cain is an ignoramus who has no business running for president.

Is it any wonder that the male version of Sarah Palin has vowed not to appear before the editorial board of any more newspapers?

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