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Published:November 22nd, 2011 10:36 EST

Height of Women's Shoes Used to Predict The Economy?

By Donna Cavanagh

If you are wondering about the state of the economy, don`t check the Wall Street Journal or the never-ending slew of government  experts. No, if you want the real truth about the economy look to the feet of the women in your life.

According to a survey which focused on social media trends conducted by IBM, the height of a woman`s shoe heel can tell us if our economy is thriving or in a bust.  It seems that a higher heel represents  a poor  financial outlook and a shorter heel or flat heels signal that prosperity is on the way.

Well, how did IBM find this out? The short and non- technical version of this discovery lies in their analysis of fashion trends in social media.  They looked at posts on fashion plus put in some type of filter or whatever computer people do to reach their conclusions.  You may scoff but the highest heels walked the fashion runways between 2008-2009, which as we all know is when everything hit the proverbial fan. 

The question is why?  And the answer is simple.  Women look at shoes as an escape and high heels are the ultimate escape. They are dazzling and pretty and exude a sense of fun and confidence until you fall off them and break your ankle and have to wear Grandma shoes forever.  Oh, sorry " off the track.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, all the major designers have lowered their heels for the upcoming season. In fact, flats are a big part of the new fashion trend.   I knew my designer shoes had a purpose! And isn`t it wonderful to know that the fate of our economic livelihood lies in the hands of famous shoe designers?  So, ladies and men who like to wear women`s shoes: show off your feet and let the world know if an age of prosperity is right around the corner.