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Published:December 4th, 2011 12:34 EST

Outrage: TSA Goons Detain Pregnant Teen Over Purse With Design Of Gun

By Robert Paul Reyes

"It`s not unusual for 17-year-old to find themselves in hot water with the fashion police. But on a flight from Virginia to Florida.
Vanessa Gibbs found herself detained by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) over the appearance of her purse.


And just to be clear, it wasn`t the content inside the purse that the TSA objected to. No, agency officials took exception with the design of a gun on Gibbs` handbag."


Vanessa wasn`t packing heat, she go into trouble because her purse included the design of a gun. The only thing terrifying about Vanessa`s purse is its gaudy design. I can understand if the fashion police had nabbed Vanessa for her questionable taste, but the TSA goons had no right to harass her.

I`ve been told that the FBI won`t hire any applicants with an IQ below 120, what`s the minimum requirement for a TSA Agent, room temperature?

At first glance some people might dismiss this incident as an amusing and harmless. But the TSA clowns caused this 17-year-old pregnant teen to miss her flight; her mother who was waiting for her at the Jacksonville airport was exceedingly worried and stressed-out.

In their defense the TSA argued the design could be considered a "replica weapon", something they have banned since 2002.

In tests conducted by the federal government to test the efficacy of TSA agents, the bumbling fools have allowed individuals to board planes with guns of all types, but these idiots pounce on a girl with a design of a gun on her purse.


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