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Published:December 4th, 2011 13:19 EST
Save Abused Dog

Save Abused Dog

By Ernest Dempsey

Pit bulls continue to be targeted breed-specifically by animal control freaks. The stealthy murder of Ace is still haunting people who care about life and ethics, and we suddenly have a new victim. Named Bones, this pit bull is alive but has been captured by the New York City Department of Health, which may kill it for no crime except for himself being abused by his owner. Bones` life is in danger.

The story of Bones is tragic and depressing. Owned by a junkie, he was abused by his owner in that he was made to bite his owner`s roommate, a guy named David Shadha last month, one who was then killed by Bones` owner, most likely by a hard hit with a metal pipe.

Whether Bones did bite Shadha hasn`t been confirmed yet, or not made public at least; but the fact that Bones may be killed by the Department of Health has created a serious concern among dog lovers and animal rights supporters as well as all caring people, who don`t see any fault or harm for which Bones might be held responsible. Why would he be killed then? Perhaps only because he is a pit bull, and we know in many places in the US, pit bulls are becoming what innocent Jews had become to Nazis in the Second World War.

Reported in New York Post, law enforcement sources find Bones a wonderful dog, one who is no more than a victim of abuse. Let not a victim be killed simply because he was manipulated to take a bite at somebody. We must save Bones from becoming the ultimate victim of cruelty which is hovering on his life as death. Speak up for Bones and sign the petition here in order to save his life. Also, please write to the contacts listed at the end of this post and/or contact your nearest animal rescue groups. Bones is innocent. Let us save him!