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Published:December 10th, 2011 11:08 EST

Video: Jonah Mowry Profile In Courage! Young Boy's Anti-Bullying Video Goes Viral

By Robert Paul Reyes

I`m a huge fan of YouTube, I click on the popular site almost every day to be entertained and amused. It`s on YouTube that I was first exposed to the incomparable voice and heart-wrenching lyrics of Adele, and it`s also the virtual outpost where I have seen one hundred and one funny cat videos.


But the other day I saw a video that was neither entertaining nor amusing, it made me think and it made me furious. It was posted by a 14-year-old boy who has been bullied since the 1st grade for the crime of being gay.

In the video Jonah Mowry holds up handwritten flash cards chronicling his fear and depression as he deals with bullying on a daily basis. But the video ends on a note of triumph and defiance with Jonah holding up flash cards declaring he won`t give up, "I have a million reasons to be here."

Indeed, you do Jonah, indeed you do. Jonah`s video has been viewed over seven million times -- let`s hope that thousands of those viewers will join the fight against bullying and homophobia.

Jonah posted his video on YouTube, never dreaming he would touch millions of hearts. I`ve posted this blog to do my part to combat bullying and  homophobia. Please use your talents to fight intolerance, let`s make this a better world.

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