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Published:December 16th, 2011 11:18 EST

Video: Adorable Baby Seal Breaks Into Woman's Home, Takes Nap On Sofa

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Experts said a seal that entered a woman`s New Zealand home and was videotaped lounging on her sofa is `very unique.`

Lucky the fur seal pup was videotaped sitting on Annette Swoffer`s sofa Sunday after entering the Tauranga house through a cat door, the New Zealand Herald reported Thursday."



You don`t need to be an expert on seals to discern that a seal who decides to take a nap on your sofa is "very unique." No (expletive delete), it`s unique.

I`ve found a woman sleeping on my couch, and for the life of me I couldn`t remember how she got there -- that`s not unique. But if I find a seal pup on my sofa watching an Oprah Winfrey rerun and eating popcorn, that`s very unique.

If a nuclear bomb comes down my chimney, and blows me to Kingdom Come, that`s very unique. Damn Kiwis, we don`t need any lessons on what`s very unique.

If you want to see something really unique, here`s the baby seal video:

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