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Published:December 21st, 2011 13:30 EST

Annie Lennox Disses Lady Gaga, Praises Adele

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Annie Lennox has described Lady Gaga as `just pop` and said her startling image didn`t move her like Adele`s music."

I`n not sure if "just pop" is a typo, maybe it should read "just poop", but either way it rings true.

Lady Gaga`s music may move me to shake my rump, but Adele`s lovely compositions move my soul.

Lady Gaga releases a new album as often as she has a bowel movement; Adele takes quite a bit longer to release new material. It takes intelligence, talent and practice session after practice session to craft the perfect CD like "21."

Lady Gaga`s songs are pure pop, and they will never rise to the level of great art. Gaga expends all her energy in silly costumes and moronic publicity stunts, she has neither the time, energy or desire to make music that will stand the test of time.

Adele`s songs are thoughtful and nuanced; Gaga`s ditties are as nuanced as a loud fart in a worship service. Annie Lennox summed up Gaga perfectly: She`s just poop.

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