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Published:December 25th, 2011 13:02 EST

70-Year-Old Fruitcake Sells For $525

By Robert Paul Reyes

"How much is a 70-year-old fruitcake worth? For a winning auction bidder the answer is $525, which will go to help the homeless in Ohio, the cake`s owner said."


My first thought was "why would anyone buy a fruitcake that`s not edible?", but then I laughed at my stupidity, a fruitcake isn`t edible from the time that it`s put on the shelf in a grocery store.


A fruitcake has many uses, it can be used to repair the foundation of your house, and it can also be used as a stop to keep your SUV from rolling down your driveway. A fruitcake shouldn`t be kept in the fridge, but in the basement where you keep all your tools.

The money from the sale of the older than dirt fruitcake will go to a church outreach program that ministers to the homeless in the Cincinnati area.

Merry Christmas to all my readers, and here`s hoping that there won`t be any coal in your Christmas stockings and no fruitcake under your tree.

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