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Published:December 27th, 2011 11:30 EST
Mufti Calls for Implementation of Rangarajan Recommendations in Kashmir

Mufti Calls for Implementation of Rangarajan Recommendations in Kashmir

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Jammu:  Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and patron of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Mufti Mohammad Sayeed on Monday demanded implementation of the recommendations of the working group headed by former RBI Governor and Economic Advisor to Prime Minister C. Rangaranjan.

Rangarajan, who headed the Working Group on Economic Reconstruction, has recommended that two NHPC projects namely Dulhasti and Salal hydro electric project should be handed over to Jammu and Kashmir.

"For making Jammu and Kashmir an economic viable State, it is necessary to implement recommendations of  C. Rangarajan," said Sayeed,  while addressing a public meeting at Ramban.

He regretted that despite having huge water resources, Jammu and Kashmir has to depend upon Government of India for economic development.

He pointed out that according to a rough estimate, thestate of Jammu and Kashmir would earn a whooping amount of  Rs 50,000 crores annually through properutilization of its natural resources.

"It is unfortunate that successive National Conference regimes in the state have bartered natural resources by signing unfair agreements, just for the lust of power," he maintained.

Throwing light on Self-Rule,  Sayeed said that road map prepared by his party was only practical and viable solution of the `vexed Kashmir problem.`

"Self Ruledocument is prepared by incorporating wishes and aspirations of all sections ofthe state," he said.

Reiterating that aim of forming PDP was to heal the wounds of people of Jammu and Kashmir by restoring their dignity and honor,`Mufti claimed that,  "There was a sense of fear and insecurity among the people when PDP was formed in the year 1999. Through its visionary agenda, the PDP had not only created a sense of security among the people but also restored dignity of the common masses by implementing peace and reconciliation policies."

"Although we had just 16 members in the Assembly, wehad convinced successive governments at Delhi, through our convictions, to initiate some bold Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) to restore lasting peacein this region," he said.

`PDP-Congress coalition had not only restored peace inthe state but also created a conducive atmosphere for accelerating developmental activities in the state,` he asserted.

Pointing towards huge power generating potential in the state, Sayeed strongly demanded that locals should be given priority in the new hydro-electric projects to be started in this state.

"Instead of appointing locals on small petty jobs, the agencies engaged in executing thehydro-electric projects must open training centre`s here to train the local unemployed youth so as to engage them on technical jobs," he demanded by adding  he said, "employment opportunities for locals must be created in all new developmental projects beit widening of national highway, railway projects or hydro-electric projects in the state." 

"We will not remain a mute spectator if locals are not given employment in these projects," he warned and asked party workers to take this fight of localson the streets.(AIPNEWS)

By Agence India Press

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