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Published:December 27th, 2011 11:06 EST
The Soulkeepers, By G.P. Ching Book Review

The Soulkeepers, By G.P. Ching Book Review

By Tony Graff

With the tablet computer and E-readers now almost a household staple, many authors are using this medium as a opportunity to bypass traditional publication through publishing houses. E-books are making a rise, taking twenty to thirty percent of book purchases.

That`s where I came across G.P. Ching`s The Soulkeepers. To promote the release of her second novel, Weaving Destiny, copies of The Soulkeepers was available for free on almost all digital formats.
The cover of the book has an intense image of the main character, Jacob Lau. From the square of his shoulders to the intense look in his eyes, he resembles a young Altair from Assassin`s Creed. It lets the reader know right from the get go that there`s going to be action. 
The next thing you see is the opening line, and I love it. "Death lived up to Jacob`s expectation." It perfectly sets the stage. 
Jacob Lau actually did die, but then he isn`t dead, and wondering if everything he remembers about the incident was just a dream. He`s sent from the tropical island of Oahu to live in Paris, Illinois with his Uncle John. Everything about this life on the mainland sucks for him until he makes a friend, another outsider to the town named Malini. 
He finds out that he is a Soulkeeper, one of the people destined to be warriors for good, and this gives him hope of finding his mother. With his friend Malini, he learns to come to grip with his gifts, and the influence of those who want to take it from him. 
I enjoyed the intensity of this book. Page after page scrolled through so quickly I had it done in a short amount of time. The characters are dynamic and easy to imagine in the actions that take place. 
My only drawback in this book is the focus on biblical verses and the translations the author draws from them. If it weren`t for the winged demons, huge cat, and water control, I`d be wary of a Da Vinci Code reaction. Obviously, the book is fiction, but there were some moments where I was tempted to put out my Bible and see if that`s really what`s going on. It adds a sense of reality to the story being told, but almost too much so. 
Overall, the book is worth owning. If you aren`t able to get it for free, G.P. Ching prides herself in giving "a bestseller experience at a quality price." The Soulkeepers is available on all e-book retail outlets, such as Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and Smashwords. I give this book a 4 out of 5.