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Published:December 28th, 2011 13:05 EST

Bill Maher's Profane Tweet About Tim Tebow Gets Christians Steaming Mad

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Comedian Bill Maher drew the ire of Tim Tebow fans and Christians over the weekend after a profane tweet reveling in the Broncos` blowout loss to the Buffalo Bills.

`Wow, Jesus just [expletive] #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere ... Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler.` `Hey, Buffalo`s killing them,` Maher tweeted ."



Bill Maher`s stock-in-trade is controversy, he`ll say anything to promote his HBO talk show. Christians who react to Maher`s provocations by calling on HBO to cancel his show are falling into his trap.

Tim Tebow seems to be a decent young man, but by tewbowing every time he has good fortune on the gridiron he is trivializing his faith and inviting scorn from comics and pundits.

I don`t presume to know the mind of God, but I think it`s a safe assumption that the Supreme Being doesn`t give a crap about the outcome of a football game. Tebow should do his tebowing in private, and only when something worthy of tebowing happens, like when a scientist discovers a cure for a terminal disease.

In a perfect world Tebow wouldn`t tebow in public, and Bill Maher wouldn`t go out of his way to infuriate Christians. But this ain`t a perfect world, and we have to learn to put up with the shenanigans of Bill Maher and Tim Tebow.

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