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Published:December 28th, 2011 07:26 EST
The Suggestion of Foul Play, Even Homicide Prevalent in Ayla Reynolds Disappearance!

The Suggestion of Foul Play, Even Homicide Prevalent in Ayla Reynolds Disappearance!

By John G. Kays

Waterville Police Chief Joseph Massey is now saying Ayla Reynolds was most likely abducted the evening of December 17th. For most of us this has been a given from day one. The police need to be cautious in their public promulgations, but I suspect this has been their prevailing position all along. Others are morphing in the direction that this is likely a homicide. 

Qualifying that brazen pronouncement, a former Maine attorney general, Paul Aranson, told the Boston Herald if the attorney general shows up to the Violette Avenue residence, then this is a suggestion a homicide may have taken place. This did take place last Thursday. Therefore, the possibility of a homicide is already in place. But where and when did it take place? And by whom?

If it was at the Violette Avenue address, then that means this humble gray abode is a real crime scene. If this is the crime scene, then the thought comes immediately to mind that the interior of the house has been hopelessly contaminated. Hundreds of state troopers, homicide detectives, and family members (of course) have been trouncing in and out of the tiny house, so the show is over as far as crime scene preservation goes.

The police are backpedalling now and being very careful, wearing protective gear and disposable boots, but this is eleven days now since the incident (we`re clueless though, as to the nature of the incident) took place. IE, contamination to the crime scene is perhaps too great to reverse. Especially if a crafty defense attorney, such as the late great Johnny Cochran, can sink his teeth into a botched investigation.

One peculiarity that I`ve observed, is that the father, Justin DiPietro gives the appearance of full cooperation with the authorities, even issuing official statements that claim he has no idea what happened to his daughter that night. Neighbors have reported a loud noise projecting from the Violette household at around 3:30 AM on December 17th (it was Saturday by then).

Another neighbor detected a car pulling up to the house earlier in the evening. But if Ayla was abducted, did anyone notice a car driving away? Naturally, the kidnapper could have fled with the child by foot. But why didn`t anyone in the household hear any kind of ruckus or disturbance, such as a baby crying (at any time during the night)? That`s a teeny house, and you`re going to hear every creak or bump that reverberates. 

Was anyone who was home think to tell the police they were awakened at 3:30 AM? The neighbors dog was shaken alert, because he/she started barking frantically. If on the other hand, it was someone inside the house who did the dark deed, then they are going to lie like crazy about it. They are going to say they remained sound asleep. Moreover, this would entail conspiracy, since everyone else in the house would necessitate parroting a consistent cover story. 

We didn`t hear anything, we didn`t see anything, we don`t know anything. But this makes no sense either. Why would Justin`s parents buy into this type of nefarious cover up? Didn`t they love precious little Ayla too? What is a conceivable source of hostility towards the child? Granted Justin and Trista were estranged, but you have to believe they both loved their progeny. Yet the bruising and broken arm of Ayla raises more questions about Justin`s mental condition over the past few months.