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Published:December 30th, 2011 13:22 EST

Would You Patronize A Restaurant With Topless Waitresses?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"After 11 years of serving breakfast by topless waitresses in see-through skirts, a restaurant has been ordered by the city of Montreal to require clothing.

The owner of the Restaurant Les Princesses d`Hochelaga, Raynald Morissette, told CTV News he has spent some $200,000 in legal fees since 2004 fighting the city order, but has decided to have the waitresses wear miniskirts and small vests instead.



Boobs and booze go together, and not too many folks would be upset about topless waitresses working in a club that serves liquor.

But even the most horny dude might have reservations about patronizing a restaurant with topless waitresses. If a topless server asked me if I wanted milk with my coffee, I would be reluctant to say yes. She might just serve me milk straight from the tap...

When I`m eating scrambled eggs and bacon, I`m not sure I would want to see a lady in a see-through skirt. If she has dirty drawers it would kill my appetite.

Since the servers started to cover up, there`s been a lot less boobs in the house, I`m talking about the customers.

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