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Published:January 2nd, 2012 12:23 EST
Cops Not Amused By Couple's Naked Drive-Through Stunt At McDonald's

Cops Not Amused By Couple's Naked Drive-Through Stunt At McDonald's

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Two people who said they thought it would be funny to order fast-food while naked found themselves arrested for the stunt, Galesburg, Ill., police say.

Galesburg`s WGIL Radio reported Paul Kosur, 19, of El Paso, Ill., and Megan Gutierrez, 21, of Galesburg were arrested on public indecency charges early Wednesday after allegedly pulling up to a McDonald`s drive-through window without any clothes on." UPI 

If I decided to take a stroll buck naked in my neighborhood, and I was arrested for public indecency, I would take it as a commentary on my physical appearance. I doubt that anybody would say "that`s indecent" if they saw Angelina Jolie naked on the beach.

Those silly kids, I hope that at least they had the commonsense, not to order hot coffee. I wonder what the drive-through clerk said to them: Do you want fries with that, or a towel?

The cops failed to find any humor in their stunt, but Paul and Megan still think it was a funny thing to do. They should move to San Francisco where it`s legal to walk around buck naked in public.

In the City by the Bay, if they walked naked into a gourmet restaurant, they would be welcomed with open arms.

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