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Published:January 2nd, 2012 11:54 EST

Video: The Horror, The Horror! Kathy Griffin Strips Down To Bra & Panties On CNN

By Robert Paul Reyes

When I got home shortly before midnight I turned the TV on to "Dick Clark`s New Year`s Rockin` Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2012 - Part 1" (catchy title), but Dick Clark`s ghastly appearance scared the bejesus out of me, and I switched the channel to CNN`s coverage of the New Year`s Eve festivities.


Yes, I know Dick Clark suffered a stroke a few years ago, but what ever happened to the concept of retiring with dignity and walking off into the sunset? Ryan Seacrest is the Dick Clark of today`s generation, he`s a superstar in front of the camera and a heavyweight producer. I hope next year`s edition will simply be called: New Year`s Rockin` Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

Changing the channel to CNN was the biggest mistake of my life, bar none. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and comedienne Kathy Griffin were hosting the New Year`s Eve program when apropos of nothing the ageing comic stripped down to her bra and panties. The least the old woman could have done, was to announce, "I`m about to strip down to my drawers", to give viewers an opportunity to run away screaming.

Folks usually sip champagne when the clock strikes twelve on New Year`s Eve, but CNN views were gulping whisky. I made a New Year`s Resolution to be kinder and gentler this year -- thanks to Griffin that resolution is down the toilet.

For you masochists, here`s a link to the CNN video:

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