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Published:January 5th, 2012 23:02 EST
Planetary Potential for Switzerland During the Year 2012

Planetary Potential for Switzerland During the Year 2012

By Kushal Kumar

As per Nicolas Campion, the book of world horoscopes Cinnabar books 1995, the natal horoscope of Switzerland for 12 September, 1848 at 11:12 am. at Bern, has ascendant at 21 degrees 28 minutes in sign Scorpio of tropical zodiac. When this is converted into sidereal zodiac, it comes to about 0 degree 4 minutes of Scorpio.  It is a common knowledge that longitudes of ascendant and planets in sidereal zodiac followed in Vedic astrology are about 21 degrees less for the year 1848 from the tropical zodiac mostly followed in the West.

The difference has been increasing at the rate of a minute or two per year since a point of time and continues to be so. But in Vedic astrology on national life, every conjunction of the Sun and the Moon in sign Pisces of sidereal zodiac gives birth to a new year running the length of nearly one year till the next such conjunction. 

The horoscope for the said conjunction for the New Year has to be read with the natal horoscope for birth of a nation to evaluate the potential for the New Year. In the year 2012, the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon in the sign Pisces of the sidereal zodiac takes place at 20 hours 10 minutes (=8.10P.M.) Indian Standard Time on 22 March, 2012. The horoscope cast with this time for Berne, Switzerland, which has sign Leo of the sidereal zodiac in the ascendant, may be seen at Annexure `A` to this article.

As said earlier, sign Scorpio of the sidereal zodiac rises in the ascendant of the natal horoscope of Switzerland for the year 1848, when Switzerland became independent country. The ascendant for the year 2012 in sign Leo falls in the tenth house reckoned from the ascendant in sign Scorpio of the horoscope for the year 1848. Thus, the sign Leo and tenth house become the focus for Switzerland during the year 2012. Every sign has its own qualities which are joined by the qualities of its owner. Sign Leo is a fixed, fiery and masculine sign, indicating ambitious trend of lasting nature. It is owned by the Sun, which is sovereign, benevolent and source of energy. It looks after all without consideration of anything in return. 

On the other hand, tenth house in a horoscope rules the government, its areas of concern and level of achievements in such areas. Here tenth house is occupied by Mars in retrograde motion. Mars is a planet of effort, energy and strength. Its retrograde motion shouts that influences exerted by Mars would be dominant. Since Mars also happens to be the ruler of the sign in the ascendant at the time of independence of Switzerland in 1848, the indications of Mars become specific. 

There are more influences on Mars, 10th house and the sign Leo. From May 2011 to part of May 2012, planet Jupiter is passing through sign Aries inspecting its owner, Mars. Thus a link between Mars and Jupiter till about May, 2012 is established. Jupiter has control over treasury, general well-being and growth.  

Rahu, the north node of the Moon, is journeying the sign Scorpio of sidereal zodiac till 25 December, 2012. It is influencing both Mars and the sign Leo. Rahu denotes certain things not strictly consistent with traditions and conventions. Piecing together the various influences during the year 2012 for Switzerland as brought out above, certain conclusions as to events are being drawn here. 

The planetary postures indicate potential for administrative and political efforts for general well-being of the citizens. Such efforts could also encompass cash crops. Some systemal administrative changes distanced from set traditions and conventions could be actively considered. A bit of factional dissensions among the powers that be cannot be ruled out. As the year progresses, some comfortable circumstances could be seen in more than one areas of the national life.  

Since Mars and sign Leo in the tenth house from the natal horoscope are involved in ruling during 2012, Switzerland is likely to consider financial or other help during the year 2012 to, possibly neighboring countries. Some administrative, political and innovative result-oriented policies could be brought to work by the Government. The planetary suggestion is for pursuing a bit inspired plans. 



Annexure `A` to Article, "Planetary Potential for Switzerland during the Year 2012" 

House Number Planet Sign of occupation  

1. (Ascendant) Mars (in retrograde motion) Leo

2. Virgo  

3. Saturn (in Retrograde Motion) Libra  

4. Rahu, North node of the Moon Scorpio 

5. Sagittarius 

6. Capricorn 

7. Aquarius 

8. Sun, Moon and Mercury Pisces 

9. Venus and Jupiter Aries  

10. Ketu, the South node of the Moon Taurus  

11. Gemini 

12. Cancer 

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