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Published:January 5th, 2012 11:23 EST

Publicity-Loving Herman Cain To Launch Bus Tour To Promote 9-9-9 Plan

By Robert Paul Reyes

In the spring of 2011 Sarah Palin launched her "One Nation" bus tour; analysts warned that the former beauty queen was using the bus tour as a vehicle to keep her brand name alive. As it turned out we were spot on in our commentary, Palin who never had any intentions of running for president, finally announced on Oct 5, 2011 that she wasn`t seeking the Republican nomination for President.


Herman Cain`s book tour/presidential run came to an and on Dec 3, 2011, when a series of s[e]x scandals forced him to resign.

Herman Cain isn`t a candidate anymore, but he`s launching a new bus tour anyway, ostensibly to promote his widely derided 9-9-9 economic plan. The disgraced former CEO of Godfather`s Pizza misses the spotlight, and his bus tour is a way of keeping his name in the news.

Sarah Palin`s bus tour was an overwhelming success from the perspective that she got what she was looking for: Media attention.

Herman Cain`s bus tour will be an abject failure, now that he`s no longer a candidate the press doesn`t care what he has to say about economics or anything else. The press is still fascinated by Palin, because she`s beautiful, charismatic and she always provides good copy with her bimbo statements. Cain is an ugly senior citizen who has been exposed as an adulterer and an ignoramus, the media will ignore him.

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