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Published:January 8th, 2012 13:10 EST
Turning 50, Looking 40, Feeling 30: What's The Secret?

Turning 50, Looking 40, Feeling 30: What's The Secret?

By SOP newswire2

Who: Gary Kobat: "The Re-Inventor", "The Transformer", World Class Athlete, Author, Integrative Performance Coach,

Mind, Body, Spirit, Sport Expert.... "Olympic Mentalist".

What: Turning 50, Looking 40, Feeling 30. "The Secret." Looking and Feeling Younger is the new Skinny.

Ask Meg Ryan, Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey, Steve Carrell, Mathew Broderick, Jodie Foster, Kelly Preston and countless others who turn 50 years young over the next few months how they do it...

50 is the new 40, 40 the new 30, as a matter of fact: 60 is the new 50...! Join Gary Kobat, "Hollywood`s Re-Inventor", as he discusses the path of re-invention: getting older while looking and feeling younger, at any age, or any fitness level. Gary discusses the secrets behind

nourishing the body temple with tips and strategies that Feed the Mind, Balance the Body, and Nourish the Soul, from the inside-out.

How old are you really? No not on a calendar, Gary`s talking about biologically, how old are you inside that body of yours? Turning 50, really 65?

Did you know that Jim Carrey turns 50 in January?

Well, Gary cuts to the chase and gets to the bottom-line through tough-love, self-love, and a sense of compassion that brands him: "the best friend anyone`s self-esteem could ever have."

Through his ten years preparing Jim Carrey, and other A-Listers for their night on the Big-Screen and Red Carpet, as well as 25 years of preparing himself and other world class athletes for their `Night" getting to the podium...Gary sets the record straight, on what it takes, what to do, what not do do, and inside secrets never ever revealed before...

When: Now. It`s time. We don`t have yesterday, tommorrow`s not here yet. All we have is now.

How: Tips, Strategies, Formulas, Stories, How-To`s... the 3 pillars of staying power, 8 keys of transformation, the ONE key to unlocking your driving force, self-care self-mastery, and more...

Why: When you feel worthy, willing, and ready enough to think, eat, move, and care enough about yourself to be 50, Look 40, Feel 30, Red Carpet Ready at any time, you will be...

Gary in Action: Speaking, On-Air Reel:

Judyth Piazza chats with Gary Kobat, World Class Athlete and ...