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Published:January 10th, 2012 11:14 EST
The Sacred Sound "OM" Indeed Says It All

The Sacred Sound "OM" Indeed Says It All

By Keith Johnson

According to countless sages of the Far East, there is a sound that many of us take for granted, but has great spiritual significance. This is the Sacred Sound "OM". In the days of the ancient Hindu and Buddhist and Taoist cultures many thousands of years ago, meditation was a way of life, and not just something people did every once and awhile to relax. Rather, meditation was the path to higher awareness and ultimately perfect union with the cosmos and universe around us.

Specifically, the Sacred Sound "OM" served as an anchor for the meditation process because the OM sound vibration is all pervasive and can be heard literally everywhere. Many holy writings of these traditions have amazing things to say about OM. So, OM is, in many ways, what binary code is to computers - it`s the essential code. So, OM is the essential sound "code" of the universe. 

I have written three books about OM, and each offers a unique approach. The first book is called "The Essential OM". This e-book shows you just how pervasive the OM sound really is. The second book is called "The Power of OM" and is a question and answer dialogue summarizing questions I have had on the spiritual path and some answers I have been given along the way. Finally, there is "100 OM Meditations", which gives you different ways to consider OM and think about this divine sound.

When you think about it - life is essentialy three things - having, doing, and being. Having is temporal since possessions come and go. Doing also is temporal since we are sometimes in motion and other times not. Finally, "Being" is always there. Like the expression goes "where ever you go, there you are". So true. It is good to be able to connect with the common ground of being that constitutes both ourselves and the universe around us. The sages say meditate on OM to do this.

For me, this is great advice - so easy and simple and yet meaningful.

Cheers All and Namaste,

Keith Johnson, M.S.E.
Author "100 OM Meditations"