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Published:January 13th, 2012 11:59 EST
Unsung Hero of Kashmir: Danish NabiSheikh

Unsung Hero of Kashmir: Danish NabiSheikh

By SOP newswire2

Srinagar, India: It had been a long time of waiting for the Indian troop convoy to pass. Two of us, a photojournalist and myself then crossed to the other side through a road of cobblers, rivulet to the left, and snow all over the un-macadamized road. An orchid of apple trees that appeared as silhouetted cauliflowers with snow over their tops. On approaching the village, a villager received and greeted both of us. 

As soon as the news spread that a group of journalists has come to interview Danish NabiSheikh. Villagers start gathering in the courtyard of Ghulam Nabi Sheikh (father of Danish NabiSheikh) and buzzing sounds paling the atmosphere around. 

Danish`s father is a central government employee at the same vicinity of the village. He (Danish)has five other siblings` three sisters and two brothers and he is the fifth one among his siblings.  

Danish is in news these days because he invented, "or we can say is an innovator of" a bulldozer. Danish is busy in adding a new part to his newly constructed machine.  The part to fix in the machine is a syringe. Pliers are in his right hand and a nail to fix the part in the other. He did it. 

He is ready to load the trucks with sand from his JCB (his model). He is sitting on a seat and using his both hind and fore limbs to operate the machine. He is the driver, operator, innovator and manufacture of his machine.  

Danish is a class six student, an average pupil at the Little Buds School, who gets not more than 60 percent marks in his studies. But he is hero in his school, not only in school but also at his village in Palpora. 

A fifteen minute walk and a sharp left turn from the highway of Pattan- Hyderbeigh, North Kashmiri`s Baramullah district led us to this hamlet. A board of Rashtriya Rifles (IndianArmy battalion) welcomes you with some words of proud and courage all over it. Anyways we are in the middle of the village to endorse the innovation of Danish. 

When Agence India Press reporter asked about the suction and pressure to Danish, his reply was simple, "I don`t know what about it." His machine contains the mechanisms which in Physics are called suction, "the process of removing air or liquid from a space or container so that something else can be sucked into it or so that two surfaces can stick together, "pressure" the force produced by a particular amount of gas or liquid in a confined space or container "it`s very difficult to   understand the operation of the machine. Then how do you know how this machine can work with these kinds of mechanisms? I always thought how I can make better and automatic way to operate the machine. It comes naturally to me and nothing else. Nobody taught me. " Used syringes, drips, wood and tin this is what Danish`s machine is composed of instead of engine, tires, steering and other parts. 

From his childhood, Danish had interest in doing something new with old things. We never understood what he was doing with old things. We sometimes stop him from doing such things, " says Shakeela, mother of Danish. 

But today Shakeela`seyes are brimming with proud not for his son but for herself also. After allhe is my son; I love it when somebody talks about his innovations. I am reallyvery glad to see he is in news these days, " says Shakeela. 

Danish does not know Einstein or Edison or Newton, the great inventors and scientists of the world but he only knows the spelling of science, which is enough for him. 

Danish elaborates the working of his machine for this AIP News reporter. Right foot controls right and left movement of the crane neck, left foot controls forward and backward movements, left hand controls the dipper (a large piece of equipment with one or several curved blades, pulled bya tractor or by a crane. It is used for digging and turning over soil) movement to grab the material into it and right hand controls the up and down movementof the crane neck," explains Danish. 

Danish tells Agence India Press that before using water and mobile, he had also tried cooking oilbut only water worked well to produce pressure so that it would function withouthindrance. 

He has also otherplans like he wanted to make an Airplane or motor launcher. But for all this Ineed money and material, which at the moment I do not have, " Danish said. 

Counties like America and other western nations adopt these kinds of children and make full use of them for new inventions and innovations. However, In Kashmir no such thingexists. The aim of the 12 year Danish is to become an inventor, his words and his aim is simple as Danish, I want to become an engineer." 

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah announced a skill program oriented where government would provide training to the students particularly youth of the Jammu and Kashmir to start their own projects or entrepreneurship centers. What about people like Danish who are gifted with skills and both with innovations in their brains? Does the government have any schemes for them? 

May be Danish doesn`t need the government or its schemes. He has already become a hero of his village and someday he will be the hero of Kashmir. 

As we were sipping tea, his mother (Shakeela) asked him to go for tuition. Danish picked up his bag and slang it over his shoulder, and soon he disappeared around a corner, a few yards of his home, in a nearby apple orchid which might lead to his teacher. (AIP News) 


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