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Published:January 14th, 2012 12:40 EST

Madonna Finds Perfect Word To Describe Lady Gaga: Reductive

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Madonna has spoken out about the similarities between her track `Express Yourself` and Lady Gaga`s single `Born This Way` by describing the latter as `reductive`."


There are a hundred and one words that Madonna could have chosen to describe Lady Gaga`s single Born This Way: simplistic, derivative, moronic, racist, mind-numbing, crap, bubblegum, nerve-wracking, annoying, irritating, cacophonic, infuriating, childish...

But the Queen of Pop selected the perfect word: Reductive: Tending to present a subject or problem in a simplified form, esp. one viewed as crude.

Lady Gaga took a classic Madonna song and managed to create a crude imitation, that`s like a child making a crude copy of the Mona Lisa.

Why settle for a crude imitation when you can listen to the real thing? There are many classic Madonna albums that you can listen to, and a new one that`s going to be released later this year.

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Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org