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Published:January 20th, 2012 11:14 EST
American Football in 2011 Featured 200 Annotated Cases of Grave Injuries and Conditions

American Football in 2011 Featured 200 Annotated Cases of Grave Injuries and Conditions

By SOP newswire2

My blog post in 2-3 weeks will list some 200 annotated cases of grave injuries and conditions that I have found, through extensive Google searching, for American football in 2011.   

   With several word searches remaining for Google banks, I have located 195 cases for last year.   

   And the breakdown...   

   For categories recognized as `catastrophic` by Mueller and Cantu at UNC, the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research, my candidate cases include:   

   *Minimum 29 survivors of severe head injuries or conditions (brain bleed or swell, cerebral clots or vessel malformation, skull fracture), with at least 10 appearing permanently impaired. About 20 of the injured required brain or cranial surgery, with several still undergoing procedures. 

   *72 survivors of severe spinal injuries, including 22 requiring surgery (at least 6 permanently paralyzed). Large majority of cases are `serious` per UNC classification, vertebral fractures with no insult to spinal cord.   

   *7 survivors of cardiac arrest.   

   *1 survivor of heart attack.   

   *20 fatalities that apparently are direct (of football collision) or indirect (ie. heatstroke), with additional deaths for consideration as football-related.   

   (In comparison, current fault-ridden Mueller-Cantu reports list 24 catastrophic survivors for 2010 and 44 survivors for 2009--numbers that I have doubled to tripled in finds for those years, cases yet online in Google, with additional Boolean searches pending. I will post my cases following the revised Mueller-Cantu reports for 2009-10, which should appear on the UNC website by spring.)    

   For life-threatening categories not recognized as catastrophic by UNC researchers, the Google cases I`ve located for American football 2011 include:   

   *5 survivors of heatstroke (with many more possible cases available online).   

   *15 survivors of blood clots resulting of either football collisions or injuries such as leg fractures.   

   *10 survivors of lacerated kidneys, football contact.   

   *7 survivors of ruptured or bruised kidneys.   

   *1 survivor of injuries to gall bladder, appendix and pancreas.   

   *1 survivor of femoral artery rupture, with leg amputation.   

   *14 survivors of ruptured spleen.   

   *1 survivor of crushed facial bones, affecting orbital sockets and more (7-on-7 drill without helmet).   

   *12 survivors of collapsed lung.   

   My 2011 tally does not yet include grave football casualties retrievable in Google, including: a) infection such as MRSA requiring hospitalization, b) `compartment syndrome` requiring surgery, and c) peripheral paralysis like damage to the deep peroneal nerve, an injury that permanently paralyzed a lower leg of mine during a 1982 team scrimmage at SEMO State.   

   Matt Chaney


Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons