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Published:January 22nd, 2012 11:29 EST
Religious Reforms Must Be Put On The Table

Religious Reforms Must Be Put On The Table

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

 Jesus was one of the 1st Religious Reformers and started by kicking the money changers out of the Temple." We need to kick the moneychangers out of the Middle East today.  America is spending nearly 1/2 Trillion a year in the Middle East and there is less Peace... 

For far too long the belief in God has been exploited, and God`s name invoked for the evil deeds of man, and profits "  Christianity and other religions have all been manipulated throughout history by barbaric, insulting and criminality towards humanity "One of the worst perversions of Religion is the radicalization of Islam."  It is so sad that the Sharia Law` is interpreted so radically and contrary to humanity."  

The Law`s practitioners quickly point to the outside as apposed to taking a good look in the mirror and into their own hearts and minds to avoid realizing that their thoughts and deeds are perverse, ugly, ignorant, and damaging to mankind and that the radical practices have no place in the World. So many of the great leaders in the world such as Jesus, Buddha, and other mystical beings that God graced the World with during our short span of human history ALL: practiced a benevolent, understanding, and profound love and equality for humanity. " 

Yet, historical power seekers have interpreted these wonderments in such horrific ways that they deserve humanities admonishments. Christianity, with all its horrible warfare, crusades, turning a blind eye on the Holocaust, subjugation of women (Today as well as in the past), and patriarchal excesses have issues as well.  All Religions have had a less than pious past."  I have no doubts that Jesus, or God would-not approve " of their actions."  

Islamic practice has also has a long history of horrible, despicable and violent behaviors that sadly has become pretty much an accepted practice by today`s mainstream Islamic society.  That same society under Sharia Law oppresses the individual into forced submission, and only offers death as the alternative " If that is not bad enough, the world is not even allowed to gaze upon a beautiful God given smile of an Islamic girl or woman.

Extreme Islam accepts the disfiguring of those young and beautiful faces by condoning the "Evil" throwing of Acid into their faces."  Moreover, society debates whether or not water-boarding is bad."   Religious Reforms must come from within.  Be it from within Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and most certainly Islam.  There must be an internal rise and admonish of these religious faults."  Like Jesus throwing the moneychangers from the Temple all Religions must also kick the moneychangers and the power hungry manipulators of the masses out of God`s Temples."   

In conclusion, I see that there is an undoubtedly strong case for Religious Reforms " For far too long the Individual " that follows these religions have been silent and co-conspired by doing nothing."  It is not the Muslims to point to the Catholics for abusing children, when they have their own practices of abuse.  It is not the Christians to point towards the Muslims for their faults, or the Jews to point to fingers for not accepting any intermediary to God."    

It is every individuals responsibility to question these religions that participate in them and to let them know that they are freaking crazy practices that are causing vast hardships, oppression, death and destruction upon humanity "  It is the individual practitioner to call for change in these perversions of Gods gift of life." 

Thank you, and truly God Bless all of you to be given the strength to rise up and kick these money changers, and profiteers out of the "Temples of the World." 

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