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Published:January 24th, 2012 15:04 EST

Need Your Cat With You When You Fly As An 'Emotional Support Animal'?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Air Canada is complaining to the country`s officials about a problem caused by `conflicting `disabilities` when it comes to cats on flights.

The airline was ordered by the Canadian Transportation Agency to either ban cats in the cabins of planes or outfit the vehicles with a cat-free zone with upgraded air circulation for passengers allergic to felines,


The airline said the problem is comprised of `conflicting `disabilities` between a person with a disability by reason of their allergy to cats and a person with a disability having a cat as an emotional support animal."


Air Canada claims it is technologically impossible to implement a cat-free zone with upgraded air circulation for passengers allergic to cats.

Being allergic to cats is worse than being allergic to Mom, apple pie and sex; I`d rather be dead than be allergic to such beautiful and loving creatures.

I love my cat to death, but I don`t need to take her with me on a plane as an "emotional support animal." Anybody who can`t get on a plane without the emotional support of a cat, needs to get a life or a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

I don`t see this as a real issue, there`s rarely even one passenger on board a flight that travels with a cat, it should be no problem to keep the cat away from a poor soul who is allergic to felines.

But if the cat allergen is circulated throughout the plane, then the solution is obvious: Kick the person who is allergic to cats out of the plane. Nobody will miss the person who is allergic to cats, while most of the passengers (especially the kids) will be glad there`s a pussy cat on the flight.

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