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Published:January 24th, 2012 22:36 EST
The SOP Radio Network Presents NAILING IT! The Hammer Show Hosted by Ross 'The Hammer' Hemsworth

The SOP Radio Network Presents NAILING IT! The Hammer Show Hosted by Ross 'The Hammer' Hemsworth

By SOP newswire2

New to The SOP Radio Network, Brit talk show host Ross  `The Hammer` Hemsworth brings a unique approach to talked-about radio.


Ross  `The Hammer` Hemsworth`s first program on The SOP Radio Network is a 4 part series that tackles the emotive subject of suicide. His guests include a number of people who have attempted and survived taking their own lives, a father who lost his 17 year old son to suicide just weeks before Christmas last year who had to get through a traditionally family time whilst still grieving his loss, and representatives of two charities who specialize in offering help and advice to those affected.


Suicide is often seen as  `the easy way out` but is in fact, far from it. It often results in failed attempts leaving survivors extremely ill or disabled, or if successful leaves a trail of devastation and grief for friends and family.


But why is it happening so often, both to high profile celebrities and to "the ordinary person`? Pop star Sinead O`Connor who was admitted to hospital herself last week on "suicide watch`, says that she believes physicians and psychiatrists are far too quick to diagnose CHEMICAL conditions such as Bipolar, when a lot of the cause is actually due to emotional trauma. Sinead had offered to come on this show and talk about it, but was in fact admitted to hospital the day before broadcast.


Depression is on the increase, and a simple search of the word suicide on Youtube brings up links such as this tormented teenager:   


The phrase that keeps reoccurring is that suicide is a very permanent solution to an often temporary problem.


So tune into NAILING IT! The Hammer Show and get involved by emailing into the programme at


Each week Hammer handles a different subject and next week he discusses etiquette and unruly youth, together with a look at the world`s best and worst blogs (Get your nominations in now)