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Published:January 27th, 2012 01:01 EST

Racist Governor Jan Brewer Disses President Barack Obama

By Robert Paul Reyes

"There`s reaction coming in about the picture that`s been seen around the world -- an Associated Press image of Governor Jan Brewer pointing her finger at President Barack Obama during his visit to Arizona on Wednesday.

brewer"We started to have a conversation about the economy and jobs and he kind of diverted the conversation to my book," said Brewer.

In Scorpions for Breakfast, Gov. Brewer talks about her 2010 meeting with the President about border security. She wrote that Obama lectured her on immigration as if he were a teacher and she was just a kid." MyFoxPhoenix.Com

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the photograph of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer wagging her finger at President Barack Obama conveys the disdain that she has for the President of the United States more succinctly that a thousand editorials.

In a perfect world free of discrimination and racial prejudice Governor Brewer would have welcomed President Obama to Arizona with an embrace. But this ain`t a perfect world, and Brewer has already shown she is prejudiced toward minorities, by the legislation that she signed into law that treats Hispanics in general, and undocumented workers in particular as somewhat less than human.

Governor Brewer would never have greeted a white president (Republican or Democrat) so rudely. Brewer`s racism is blatant and palpable, only someone who is blind or racist would make excuses for her.

It`s irrelevant why the governor was mad at Obama, bottom line you treat the President of the United States with respect.

I am hopeful about racial relations in this country, because the Internet has reacted with outrage at Brewer`s lack of respect for Obama. Americans are tweeting and facebooking their disapproval of Brewer`s appalling behavior.  

Link to the photograph that will go down in infamy 

We don`t know what was actually said; we are free to write our own caption. Being familiar with Brewer`s racist tendencies, I`m convinced she said something along the lines of: I will have you deported, if you don`t show me some respect. You aren`t in Kansas or Kenya, you are on my turf.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.Org 

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