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Published:January 30th, 2012 14:43 EST
Thoughts on American Global Economics and The Church

Thoughts on American Global Economics and The Church

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

My pondering thoughts of American/Global Economics and Peace on Christmas, as a response to the Nigerian Christian Church bombings


I as most Christians do on Christmas think of and wish the best for our family and friends and their families. Then we give a quick thought to Peace in the World... Folks like us give probably most of the day`s attention to those thoughts and perhaps even neglect family and friends while lost in thoughts...


Obviously, millions of people`s attention was directed towards Nigeria`s Christian Church bombings "terrorism"... I am sure that most like myself initially had thoughts of anger and feeling that the Christians should be armed to be able to protect themselves just go to Worship God; the same god that those that wish to destroy Christians believe in. Therefore, my thoughts then went from anger to thinking of the old Christian saying of turning the other cheek as retaliation only brings more violence to the region...


I always follow the money trial and quickly review the thoughts of special interest as Terrorism in many ways has converted to Corporate-Sponsored Terrorism, as opposed to State Sponsored Terrorism. Therefore, I kicked around the idea of primary American Oil Contractors in Nigeria and what role they play in religions, political and business practices within the country, region and the World. I concluded that Corporate-Sponsored Terrorism is extreme; however, they are like any special interest and would propose a Bill. or law that self-serves over the interest of the host or native countries people. Yet, I saw no direct link of any Corporate-Sponsored Terrorism, but did have thoughts that many would seek to manipulate the minds of the masses for personal profit. I have come to realize that such parasitic profiteers (be it the Defense industry or Anti-American sects throughout the World) would obviously use religion as a way to get America to engage in Defense Activities in Nigeria, or anywhere else; such as in the dealing with Israel and now Iran. This is obviously disturbing as Religion goes beyond a small fray and brings in multitudes in seconds.


Then my thoughts turned to a grander view of Africa. First, and foremost my thoughts of Africa go far beyond the child hood TV shows of Wild Kingdom and/or National Geographic versions of Africa. Africa has nearly 1 Billion People and has many very large Cities just like the rest of the World.


To give you more of my general view of Africa I considered three concepts such as (Religious, Political and Business) concepts, and then divided Africa into three regions (North Africa, Central Africa and South Africa). I took into account the predictions of the World Bank to realize that decade from now that Africa as a whole will only have a GDP Per-Capita Income (PCI) of just a bit over $1,000 dollars. Obviously, this makes it difficult to export and/or do equal trade and commerce as the United States has a near $46,000 PCI.


NORTH AFRICA- In a triangle view of North Africa we see that Incomes range from less than $3,000 to a peak of about $15,000 in Libya. Obviously, Libya has been an important Oil Exporter to the United States and mainly across the Mediterranean Sea to our NATO friends in Western Europe. I think Morocco (<$3000 PCI), Algeria (<$5000 PCI), Libya ($15,000 PCI), and Egypt (<$5,000 PCI). While the Muslim religion is the predominate religion, we have not seen vast displays of radical extremism; I think that radical extremism is not prevalent in the Arabic regions of North Africa because they are not isolated societies in that they have daily dealings with the West. Business wise they have come to rely on the economic trade and commerce as well as the multi-million dollar tourism trade from the United States and our NATO Allies. The Countries that border the Coastal Countries and the Countries mentioned above on the contrary began to take a drastic Per Capita-Income (PCI) drop, as they become much more isolated from the West; yet depend on much of the trade and commerce of their Northern neighbors. Yet, there PCI`s in general are only about ($400 PCI), with the Persian Gulf Divided State of Sudan topping the PCI chart of about ($1,500 PCI). They, as well as the countries bordering them to the North are predominantly Muslim; yet, I think that they have a tendency to abandon radical Islam as their business relationships depend on their northern neighbor`s relationships with the West.


CENTRAL AFRICA- As isolationism from the West increases (excluding Oil imports from a few American contractors); we also see the amount of Poverty and vast drops in Per Capita Incomes (PCI) to less than $1,000 dollars. We have seen radical extremism in Nigeria (<$1,400 PCI) with a population of nearly 150 Million in the Western part of Central Africa with the recent Christmas day Church bombings, as well as radical extremism in Somalia (<$300 PCI) on the Eastern Coast of the Central Africa Horn of Africa.  Nigeria is about 50/50 Muslim to Christian and Somalia of course is predominantly. I see that the extremism is of course more economic than that of Muslim vs. Christian. The attacks on the shipping lanes along the Somali Coast are primary Pirating and the quest for financial gain, as opposed to disrupting shipping lanes for a grand religious purpose. I also see that Somalia is in disarray and has been for decades as they fight fellow Muslims over resources to survive and not over religion.


SOUTHERN AFRICA- As we journey to the south we see more and more equal 50/50 Muslim to Christian percentages and we see PCI`s remain low of about a ($1,000); with only a few countries prospering in the region due to more Trade and Commerce with the West. Such as Equatorial Guinea (27,000 PCI), Gabon ($10,000 PCI), and South Africa (<$7,000).


As I start to conclude I recognize that Africa (about $1,000 PCI), India also (about $1,000 PCI), and China (about $4,000 PCI) have very low PCI`s. China, India, and Africa as a whole all have a 1 Billion people each and statistics as well as World Bank predictions all countries will continue to have very low PCI`s; however, due to their huge populations they will also have a rise in a Middle Class Consumer that can purchase American Export Products.


The perplexing issue is how can America with a $46,000 PCI, can produce diversify and target the people that are wealthy enough to purchase our products, while also producing cheap enough to open up trade and commerce with the masses of Africa and India with a $1,000 Per Capita Income, and China`s ($4,000 PCI) in a way that the United States maintains strength in its Dollar and maintains American standards and way of life.


A few thoughts on this are:


1)         Continue Christian Missionaries as President Obama`s mother and father did in Kenya.

2)         Continue to focus on developing and understanding trade and commerce with the World.

a.         fund this by raising import tariffs to protect American internal jobs, and be able to fund Defense,

State and Commerce Department activities.

3)         Continue to discuss and justify tariffs over free trade due to currency manipulation and the exploitation of human rights, child labor and other labor standards, which are being abused in these developing countries. Many of which are many times worse than the American Prison Populations are producing license plates and others goods.


Hey, there is an ideal way to pay for the American Prison cost and fund Prison Education in America. Prison Exports to undeveloped countries.


Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons