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Published:February 3rd, 2012 21:30 EST
 "gOld"  Nuggets: On Life Philosophy - Bernie Brillstein

"gOld" Nuggets: On Life Philosophy - Bernie Brillstein

By Harry J. Getzov

Bernie Brillstein (72) - Beverly Hills, California

"It`s all about being comfortable in your own skin."

After a brief stint in the advertising business in his 20s, Bernie landed a job working in the mail room at the William Morris Agency in New York. From that point forward, Bernie moved up the show business success ladder. Agent, manager, producer "Bernie Brillstein was, quite simply, a good man to know in Hollywood; one of the entertainment industry`s most powerful players for many years.

A nugget of wisdom to pass along to others . . .

berniebrillstein_1 "First of all, when it comes down to it, it`s all about being comfortable in your own skin," Bernie explained. "That one concept," he added, holding up an index finger, "has served me well along the road I`ve traveled. And number two, when you go into a new environment - let`s say you`re in the mail room, you`ve got a job, you`re in a big office or company - look around. Look at the executives. And if none of them scare you, then you`re okay. That`s really what I did at William Morris. I looked around in that place and I said, `Now, hold it. These guys can make it?! I can be great!` Honest to God. And that`s the kind of thinking I`ve used, you know? Life is about finding a place for yourself that you`re comfortable in. And you know what? I didn`t get comfortable until I was 67."

"Look, as a young guy . . . " Bernie explained, smiling. "The trouble with being young is . . . you`re young. You look for the bad women, the bad drugs, the bad gambling - whatever your biggest bad thing is. You`re young and you think you can get away with it. You don`t have to work, you don`t have to make money, you can bet on a horse - whatever your evil is as a youngster - you know, the arrogance of youth. And I did all of it, by the way, I did all of it," he said, chuckling. "And all of a sudden, at about 37, I said, `Oh, f*ck. If I devoted as much time and energy to my business as I did to my fun, I might be okay.` So I did. But I didn`t know that at 20."

Harry J. Getzov is the founder of Eldercation " an organization committed to changing the way our culture views aging and older people. He is also the author of the newly released best-selling book, gOld - The Extraordinary Side of Aging Revealed Through Inspiring Conversations " - Available at