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Published:February 9th, 2012 10:30 EST
 Brutal Sacrifice of Pigs for Vietnamese Tradition

Brutal Sacrifice of Pigs for Vietnamese Tradition

By Ernest Dempsey

Several human traditions are obvious killing festivals whereby blood of innocent animals is shed under the clichéd rubric of  `Sacrifice`. One such sacrificial brutality is witnessed in Viet Nam each year.

To please a local deity, called Doan Thuong, the villagers in Nem Thuong, a small town near capital city Hanoi, cut a living pig in half while the locals watch and cheer at the animal. Not only that, these people rush to color their currency bills in the fatally wounded pig`s blood, believing that this will bring them good luck and make them rich.

It is hard to even watch the brutal scene of the pig`s cruelest killing by the Nem Thuong residents and the general obligation to respect cultural festivals fails here too. Can we respect a festival that kills? Obviously not, and to express disapproval of this cruel custom, animal rights advocates have started a petition onlinethat urges on Nem Thuong residents to put an end to this inhuman practice. 

Caring readers can sign the petition online to raise a voice against the brutality that is perpetuated as a tradition