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Published:February 9th, 2012 10:30 EST

Brutal Sacrifice of Pigs for Vietnamese Tradition

By Ernest Dempsey

Several human traditions are obvious killing festivals whereby blood of innocent animals is shed under the clichéd rubric of  `Sacrifice`. One such sacrificial brutality is witnessed in Viet Nam each year.

To please a local deity, called Doan Thuong, the villagers in Nem Thuong, a small town near capital city Hanoi, cut a living pig in half while the locals watch and cheer at the animal. Not only that, these people rush to color their currency bills in the fatally wounded pig`s blood, believing that this will bring them good luck and make them rich.

It is hard to even watch the brutal scene of the pig`s cruelest killing by the Nem Thuong residents and the general obligation to respect cultural festivals fails here too. Can we respect a festival that kills? Obviously not, and to express disapproval of this cruel custom, animal rights advocates have started a petition onlinethat urges on Nem Thuong residents to put an end to this inhuman practice. 

Caring readers can sign the petition online to raise a voice against the brutality that is perpetuated as a tradition