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Published:February 14th, 2012 00:04 EST
Coffee and Keurig:  A Love Match

Coffee and Keurig: A Love Match

By Donna Cavanagh

Coffee makers come and go, but it seems as if the Keurig is here to stay. I can understand this; the coffee is good, but one cup of good coffee does not sate my caffeine lust.  I need a pot of coffee to make it to noon.  I know; a pot of coffee might not be a great idea but guess what? I function at a high level, and I move quickly. To the untrained eye, I probably resemble those people in the silent flicks who look as if they are running around at warp speed.

I will give the Keurig and its copycat coffeemakers kudos for making very good tasting coffee. However, when you do the math, that cup is expensive. The positive of these one-cup wonder machines is that I can`t screw up the strength of my coffee. It`s written in stone or at least sealed in the miracle cup packet.  With a Keurig, I would not have one day of drinking mud and another day of drinking brown water.  The strength of the brew would be consistent, and another plus: the Keurig does have fun flavors. Okay, I am reversing my opinion on the Keurig; It does seem to have built in advantages that might turn me into a fan.

What will never get my endorsement is the gift I got from one of my editors a few years back in lieu of a Christmas bonus-- the two-cup Mr. Coffee coffeemaker. When my editor gave this appliance to me, she said in a serious tone, "You could put it on the counter next to your big coffeemaker."

"Why do I need a baby coffeemaker if I have a big coffeemaker? My big coffeemaker has the capability of making just two cups. It will make one cup if I ask it to."

"But you don`t have to use the big coffeemaker? See, it`s little."

I looked at her with doubt in my eyes.  " I still don`t get it.  But if you want, I will keep it on my counter next to my big machine and let guests think Mr. Coffee procreated. How should I tell people he had this baby? Was it an affair with my toaster oven or did it spontaneously reproduce?"

"Just forget it! Give it back! I`ll just give you cash as a bonus instead. Happy?"

"Truthfully?  Yes! "

Well, to be fair to my editor, I guess that those mini-makers do come in handy in places like hotels. I do like being able to make a cup of coffee whenever I want, but why do hotels insist on putting the little coffeemakers in the bathrooms?  It seems a bit unsanitary.  This is a place where I believe the Keurig would be better because it is self contained and contains no leftover brew hanging around in lavatory open space.

I got a $5 off coupon for Bed Bath & Beyond, and my daughter thinks I should use it to get myself a Keurig.  She thinks once I have a cup of this magical brew, there will be no turning back. She told me that some people love Keurig so much, they forget how to make real coffee in a regular coffeemaker. I have to wonder what she would think of the percolators my mom had. I bet her generation would never figure them out.

As tempting as a Keurig sounds, I think I should stay with the real coffeemakers. What if there is an apocalyptic event and all the Keurigs do not function properly? Shouldn`t  there should be someone left who knows how to make coffee "the old-fashioned" way?